Construction sites continue to violate guidelines for protection

Сотрудники стройплощадок продолжают нарушать правила безопасности
9 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Department of Labor Inspection continued to control the implementation of measures to protect against construction sites.

Despite the daily inspections, some of the construction sites continue to violate guidelines.

Director of the Department of Labor Inspection, Anastasis Giannakis said, that situation at the construction sites is satisfactory. Mostly, the medium-sized and small construction sites violate the guidelines.

Some construction sites did not have the required sanitary facilities, did not use masks in the spaces or works provided for, the distances between the workers were not observed, nor were they informed about the protection measures.

Сотрудники стройплощадок продолжают нарушать правила безопасности

Mr. Giannakis said, that the management of the construction sites are responsible for this, and did not inform their employees about the important new rules because of coronavirus pandemic, which were approved by the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus.

Until today, a total of 500 inspections had taken place. The operation of 26 construction sites where serious violations were found was prohibited.

Based on the above results, inspections will continue to be intensive to achieve better compliance. In cases adequate compliance is not found, Inspectors will be required to impose the penalties provided by law (imposition of extrajudicial fines, promotion of criminal prosecution, and immediate cessation of work).


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