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6 October 2020

The evictions of tenants are frozen by law

Due to the coronavirus crisis, tenants' evictions are "frozen" by law until the end of the year.

The relevant proposal by George Loukaidis on behalf of the AKEL parliamentary group and George Perdikis, the Ecologist, is expected to be discussed at tomorrow's meeting of the Legal Committee and then to be taken to the Plenary Session for a vote.

На Кипре хотят продлить запрет на выселение арендаторов

According to the report, - "the draft is to amend the Law on Rent (Temporary Provisions). Until September 30, 2020, the suspension of any procedure for recovery of property ownership under Article 11 Lease Law's provisions to be extended until December 31, 2020. Until that date, any decision or decree to regain possession under such a procedure ".

According to the explanatory memorandum accompanying the bill, "the proposed regulation was deemed necessary for securing the right to housing and decent living of tenants, who became financially and socially vulnerable due to the ongoing crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposal includes provision for retroactive effect from October 1, to prevent possible evictions between the expiration of the previous legislation (September 30, 2020) until adopting the new proposal.

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