Cyprus to Host Public Hearings on a Large Theme Park in Meniko

На Кипре состоятся общественные слушания по крупномасштабному тематическому парку в Менико
7 April 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On April 16, the Council for the Study of Exceptions will hold a public hearing on the construction of a large theme park, sports center and 200-room hotel in Meniko Village, Nicosia District.

Anyone can express their opinion on the new project on Friday at 11 o'clock in the morning in the Synodal Hall of the Holy Metropolis of Tamassos and Orini. Before the public hearings at 10 o'clock in the morning, participants will be able to go to the site where the complex is supposed to be built.

It should be noted that public hearings are one of the forms of public participation in the implementation of local government. They provide an opportunity for citizens to influence decisions made by municipal authorities and village councils. They are not rallies or protests. This is a meeting of the developer company with the villagers, where everyone can express their comments and suggestions on the project.

The new park is planned to be built at a distance of two kilometers west of the village of Agios Ioannis and 2.5 kilometers north of the village of Meniko, in the Nicosia region, at an altitude of 278 to 305 meters.

На Кипре состоятся общественные слушания по строительству крупномасштабного тематического парка в Менико

The project was developed by the architectural bureau Eraclis Papachristou Architects. The developer is TP Mediterranean Adventures Ltd., according to the release of which the project involves the construction of a multifunctional complex with tennis courts, runways for small aircraft, cycle tracks, and go-kart tracks.

In particular, on the territory of the park there will be:

  • 18,000 m2 runway for light aircraft, its length will be 940 meters
  • ​35,000 m2 landing area for parachutists
  • aircraft parking and hangar: the covered area of ​​the hangar will be approximately 1150 m2, and the open area will be approximately 3000 m2
  • training and landing area for freestyle athletes: the covered area will be about 450 m2
  • 2225 m2 children's complex with open and closed space
  • 200 m2 space for water skiing
  • ​1000 m2 indoor pool
  • ​2700 m2 outdoor artificial beach-type pool
  • gym (800 m2 covered area)
  • 100 m2 bike path
  • go-kart track (100 m²)
  • hotel (3000 m2)
  • cafes and restaurants (1000 m2)
  • shops (180 m2)
  • reception and offices: the area of ​​the internal premises will be about 700 m2
  • hall for seminars and other events: total internal area - 1000 m2 and external area - 1000 m2
  • kindergarten and development center (300 m2)
  • grounds for football, tennis, basketball, volleyball
  • motocross track (1700 m²)
  • indoor climbing wall for adults (​​400 m2)
  • indoor and outdoor skiing complex.

На Кипре состоятся общественные слушания по крупномасштабному тематическому парку в Менико

For the convenience of visitors, next to the park there will also be two open parking lots for 696 and 64 parking spaces. In addition, a small parking lot will be installed inside the new complex.

This project is expected to help attract residents and tourists to Menico, as well as have a positive impact on the region as a whole.

If the hearings are successful, the construction of the facility will begin in October 2021 and will be completed in April 2023.

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