A Unique Theme Park to Be Built in Cyprus

На Кипре построят уникальный тематический парк
20 April 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Tuesday, April 20, Decosta Labs Ltd announced their intention to build the first theme park on the island dedicated to the local traditions of Cyprus.

According to a project submitted to the Department of Environment, the new park will appear northeast of Limassol, within the administrative boundaries of the villages of Prastio and Kellaki. For these purposes, the company acquired several plots of land, the total area of ​​which is 25,565 m2.

The park will be a large complex, which will include:

  • distillery - ​​61 m2
  • olive mill - 153 m2
  • cheese dairy - ​​85 m2
  • winery - ​​161 m2
  • organic food store - ​​85 m2
  • cafeteria - ​​82 m2
  • restaurant - ​​321 m2
  • amphitheater - ​​400 m2
  • underground biological wastewater treatment plant - ​​18 m2
  • maintenance workshop for mechanical equipment - ​​126 m2
  • parking area - 5800 m2.

The open space of the theme park will be planted with olive trees, vines and various herbs.

На Кипре построят уникальный тематический парк

The main goal of Decosta Labs Ltd is to revive interest and tell about the traditions of Cyprus through the production of products from agricultural raw materials (olive oil, wine, herbs) and animal husbandry (dairy products), attracting visitors to the park.

The project is expected to be a place to educate and inform visitors / tourists about the best practices applied in agriculture in Cyprus using biological methods for the care and conservation of plant species and the environment in general, as well as the traditional methods used in the processing of agricultural products in the country.

The theme park will be a center of attraction for locals and visitors alike with ongoing events and workshops at the theme park. Thus, the park will create new jobs, and will make a huge contribution to the development of nearby villages, as well as the economy of Cyprus as a whole.

Source: philenews.com
Photos: pixabay.com
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