Police probe launched on Cyprus Investment Programme

Началось полицейское расследование инвестиционной программы Кипра
26 September 2020 Angelica Michael

The Attorney General’s Office has instructed police to start taking testimony in establishing possible criminal offences in the Cyprus Investment Programme following the conclusions of the Kalogirou three-member Ad Hoc Committee.

In a written statement, the Republics’ Legal Service notes that following evaluation of the Kalogirou Committee preliminary report, it has instructed authorities to launch a criminal probe.

Полиция Кипра инициировала расследование по сомнительным делам натурализации инвесторов

As pointed out, the investigation will include a specific number of individuals that secured a Cyprus Republic passport in the framework of the Cyprus Investment Programme process, clarifying that the probe will involve these specific cases.

It is also reminded that a parallel investigative process is in place by the Attorney General’s Office, involving the period from 2007 to August 2020 and therefore the Legal Service will not be making any other public statements for the purpose of safeguarding due process.

Source: in-cyprus
Photos: Pixabay.com
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