Cyfield Group Presents Three New Residential Projects in the Capital of Cyprus

Cyfield Group презентовала сразу три новых жилых проекта в столице Кипра
26 January 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

The Cyfield Group company presented three new residential projects in the capital of Cyprus.

New buildings are located in the most livable neghborhoods of Nicosia. In particular, the Evripides complex is located on the territory of the municipality of Aglandjia, the City Gates complex is in Dasupoli, and the Green Park complex is in the very center of the city.


The new building Evripides is located on the street of the same name, after which it got its name. The house has three floors and six 3-bedroom apartments, which are modernly designed in accordance with high quality standards.

In the immediate vicinity there is a school, business centers, shops, and all infrastructure for the comfortable living of Evripides owners

The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021.

City Gates 

Another interesting project presented by the Cyfield Group is City Gates. The complex is located at the entrance to Nicosia, in the Dasoupolis area, just a few minutes from the capital business center. The complex consists of two modern buildings, each with twelve apartments. There is a school, business centers and a shop not far from the complex. In addition, City Gates has easy access to all areas of the city.

The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021.

Green Park

Finally, Green Park. It is a 6-storey 16-unit apartment building in close proximity to the center of Nicosia. The construction of the building has already finished.

Cyfield Group презентовала сразу три новых жилых проекта в столице Кипра

It should be noted that all three projects were designed using modern technologies, using high quality standards and materials that increase standards of living.

Moreover, they have several advantages. For example, they have Energy Efficiency Certificate A, CCTV cameras at building entrances, LED lighting, an autonomous solar water heater for each apartment, and more, which enhance the quality of life for property owners.

All apartments have spacious layouts, luxurious interiors, and beautiful views of the surroundings from the balconies. Residents are provided with parking and storage.

Buying real estate in new capital projects is undoubtedly the ideal solution for those who want to live in peace and comfort, but at the same time have all the necessary infrastructure at hand.

More information about projects and a list of all available properties for sale and rent can be found here.
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