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8 November 2023

Construction of The Courtyard Residential Complex Begins in Nicosia

A large-scale project called The Courtyard has finally entered the realization stage.

This was announced by the developer company on Tuesday, November 7.

According to the release, the new residential complex is being built at the entrance to Nicosia, in the Dasoupolis neighborhood. In the immediate vicinity of the new complex, there is all the infrastructure necessary for comfortable living - hospitals, public institutions, cafes and restaurants, stores, and a shopping center.

The project includes five 6-storey houses. The height of each building will be six floors, which will accommodate 66 apartments with two, three, and four bedrooms. Specifically:

in the first building Lemon Residences and Orange Tree Residences (buildings A-B), customers will be offered 2-bedroom apartments;

in the second and third Almond Residences and Olive Tree Residences (buildings C-D) - 3-bedroom apartments;

in the fourth Pine Tree Residences (building E) - 4-bedroom apartments;

in the fifth Oak Tree Residences (building G) - 4-bedroom apartments.

All apartments will feature an ergonomic, simple yet modern design. The apartments will have heated floors, electric blinds on the windows, air conditioners, smart home system. Apartments on the top floors will have a private garden and on the first floor - a private courtyard.

В Никосии началось строительство жилого комплекса The Courtyard

The total area of the building plot is more than 10 thousand m2, and the living area is more than 9 thousand m2.

The project provides for the creation of a spacious underground parking lot of 5.2 thousand m2 for 140 cars, 5 of which will be allocated for people with disabilities. It is expected that about 253 people will live in the new complex.

For the convenience of residents of The Courtyard will be equipped with a landscaped garden, a modern playground, an open-air gym, spaces for yoga and other sports, and areas for various events.

According to the project, The Courtyard will have a gated courtyard area and a ban on cars inside the complex. Controlled access for vehicles and pedestrians will be on the south side of the development site, from where cars will be directed directly to the underground parking lot, except for guest cars, for which a small parking lot for 9 cars, including 1 for the disabled.

The project realization period will be 24 months. The complex is planned to be completed in December 2025. Its approximate cost is estimated at 15 million euros.

Financing of the project is carried out at the expense of own funds of the group of investors in combination with crediting.

В Никосии началось строительство жилого комплекса The Courtyard

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