Great Britain arrests the assets of Russian officials, Cyprus is not exception

Британия арестовывает активы российских чиновников, Кипр не остался в стороне
19 April 2020 Maxim Arte

There are administrative arrests of real estate owned by Russian citizens have begun in Britain.

Russian oligarchs, who long time ago settled in London, may lose their property and freeze other assets in the near future. The Guardian noted, that money of rich Russians is not “critical for surviving of the UK economy”. “British public should learn one lesson – those oligarchs do not have impact on the UK economy” – the newspaper wrote.

Vladimir Munyakin, Belarusian politician, said that emigration authorities are preparing lists of Russian citizens for deportation from Britain. The deportation will affect family members of Russian businessmen and officials: wives and children, that studying in Britain.

Also, according to Mr. Munyakin opinion, the Cypriot authorities promise to support “any British actions against Russia”.

“We are talking about deprivation the citizenship of Russian oligarchs and officials, who received it under investment program (the law is allowed it), as well as initiating an investigation the origin of their money in banks of Cyprus”.

Representatives of Saudi Banks are also consulting about freezing of assets and transactions from Russia, Mr. Munyakin said.  

The politician, also refers to an emergency meeting with US President Donald Trump, which took place in early April with representatives from the UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UN.

Its look like that Cyprus is trying once again to play the game “both ours and yours”. Just few days ago, the Cyprus passport and investment program (its acceleration) was included in the list of 27 possible measures to improve the islands economy because of coronavirus affects.


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