Be careful! Larnaca real estate market scammer

Будьте внимательны! На рынке недвижимости Ларнаки орудует мошенница
13 May 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

A woman in the province of Larnaca acts illegally as a real estate agent, deceiving the public by withdrawing large sums of money as an advance payment for rent or purchase or real estate.

According to the Law Enforcement Agency, the woman appears a realtor of the Irish company – Warns Real Estate Advisory Council. She offers very attractive options with nice prices. Then she asks to pay a deposit for the properties. When she receives money, she disappears and does not answer calls.

At the current moment, she has already cheated up to 5 people.

This incident is known in the Police. 

Будьте внимательны! На рынке недвижимости Ларнаки орудует мошенница

Be very careful in every act of buying and selling real estate.

Remember, that all serious agencies and realtors care about their reputation and do not deceive.

Before contacting a real estate agency in Cyprus, and especially transferring money to an unfamiliar realtor, check information about hem online. And the best option to ask the help of a professional lawyer.

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Rost Ivanich
Rost Ivanich
14 May 2020 14:35
Will they catch you?
Kirill Ravchenko
Kirill Ravchenko
14 May 2020 21:33
Rost Ivanich writes:
Will they catch you?
Already caught :-)
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