Park Avenue: The new high-rise building in Larnaca

В Ларнаке появится очередная высотка
15 October 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

The Department of Environment announced today the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (MEEP) from the construction and operation of a multi-storey building, "Park Avenue," of residential development within the Municipality of Larnaca parish Chrysopolitissa.

The project aims at hosting users in combination with their comfortable stay in luxury apartments. The development agency's other goal is to upgrade a degraded urban area's character to a strategic point of the city. The Development Agency of the project under study is the company "Santabros Enterprises Ltd."

The proposed development concerning a multi-storey residential building in Larnaca's Municipality (Parish of Chrysopolitissa) will be erected in block 465 of F / Sch 40/640204, with a total area of ​​936 m2. A commercial building in this plot was already demolished in 2019 after securing the required Demolition Permit.

The proposed development will consist of 11 above-ground levels (including the ground floor) and a roof, with a total height of approximately 45.35 m with a semi-basement level where it will be formed mainly as a parking space.

The multi-storey building will house 23 residential units, namely 21 two-bedroom apartments and two 3-bedroom apartments.

In the semi-basement and ground floor area of ​​the multi-storey building, a private parking space of 38 spaces will be created, of which two spaces will be disabled, while the entrance to the parking spaces will be through two car lifts. Parking will be done with an automated parking system that offers parking capacity with space savings related to conventional parking spaces.

В Ларнаке появится очередная высотка

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