E-Justice System Implemented in Cyprus

На Кипре внедрили систему электронного правосудия
21 July 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Wednesday, July 21, the official launch of the e-Justice platform took place in Cyprus.

The new system is an important tool for the modernization and renewal of the Cypriot justice system. Its main goal is to streamline legal processes and abandon the old cumbersome and time-consuming manual methods of processing and reviewing information.

From now on, the system can be used by lawyers and law offices, judges, court clerks, service personnel, users authorized by the courts.

With the new e-justice system, you can:

  • submit claims remotely;
  • get access to electronic files of cases;
  • pay commissions and fees.

Also, it involves the processing of court files. Thanks to the new system, you can always quickly receive up-to-date information on the progress of the case.

Thus, now, in order to submit documents, or, for example, pay stamp duty, it is not at all necessary to go to court. This can be done without leaving your home. The new e-justice system serves the entire judicial process - from the moment of going to court until the final decision is made.

На Кипре внедрили систему электронного правосудия

It should be noted that not all legal claims will be converted to electronic form. Due to the large volume of work, the courts are not yet able to digitize their old cases so that they are available within the system.

Also, pursuant to Rule 6 (3):

  • All new cases filed from today can be registered both electronically and in person.
  • Cases registered before the official start of the e-Justice platform will not work electronically.

As of Wednesday 21 July, the new system is fully implemented in all courts in Cyprus, except for the International Protection Administrative Court, as well as in all jurisdictions except the criminal jurisdiction of the District Court, the Criminal Court and the Supreme Court.

На Кипре внедрили систему электронного правосудия

Cyprus is in last place in the EU in terms of the level of public expenditure on the judicial system per capita. Therefore, the Cypriot court is one of the slowest in the Union. The lack of investment in infrastructure development, as well as the low level of training of judges in the use of digital technologies and communication, is a big problem.

However, there is hope that now everything will change dramatically. As promised in the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, the e-justice system should significantly improve the work and increase the efficiency of courts, saving time and money for all participants in the process.

Source: stockwatch.com.cy
Photos: pixabay.com
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