Airbnb returned money to Cypriots tourists and compensated for the losses of homeowners

 Airbnb вернул деньги кипрским туристам и компенсировал потери владельцам жилья
10 April 2020 Maxim Arte

Airbnb Reservation Services has decided to support their customers and hosts during the global pandemic.

Due to the closed of all flights and travel, many tourists who wanted to spend some time in Cyprus and booked apartments though Airbnb service, were in difficult situation. There is noopportunity to fly, but the payment has already paid.

Some days ago, the director of the company made a statement that users of the service, who booked housing on the portal from March, 14 to April,14 can expect a 100% refund. At the same time, hosts that have lost money will also be able to receive the compensation in the amount of 25% of each reservation. To compensate partially lost profits to homeowners, the company will spend about 350 million USD from their own budget. The compensation can be counted on the hosts all over the world, using the portal for renting out their homes.

Today, April 10, Airbnb has announced that they decided to extend the period of payment of armor and compensation until May, 31. Airbnb representatives also asked customers to refuse their reservations after May,31 and wait until the situation with coronavirus around the world will stabilizes and airlines resume their regular flights. 

Source: Cyprus Butterfly

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