Park of Colours opened in Paphos

В Пафосе сдали в эксплуатацию Парк красок
27 December 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

The Park of Colours opened in Paphos.

You can find a new public space at the intersection of Ellados Avenue and Evagoras Pallikarides.

Its area is 32 thousand m2. The project is one of the largest in Cyprus, both in terms of area and infrastructure.

The new park has:

  1. cafe,
  2. skate park,
  3. tennis court,
  4. botanical garden,
  5. climbing wall (3.6 m high),
  6. basketball court,
  7. children playground,
  8. small football field
  9. green areas,
  10. outdoor exhibition space,
  11. sanitary zone,
  12. parking for 83 cars, including for people with special needs.

В Пафосе сдали в эксплуатацию Парк красок

The total cost of construction of the Park of Colours in Paphos is estimated at 4 million euros.

The author of the project is a team of architects, which included Giorgos Onisiforou, Panayiotis Polemitis and Eleftherios Vomvolakis. In March 2020, they became the winners of the architectural design competition. Among the many submitted ideas, their project was recognized as the best.

It should be noted that the name of the park has a special meaning. According to the architects, it is designed to remind people of the value and importance of colors in everyday life.

Other proposed names in the competition included: Sustainability Park, Livelihood Park, Big Park, Big City Park.

The Mayor of Paphos emphasized that the construction of the park in the center of Paphos will have a positive impact on the development of the area, and the new park will become a point of attraction for residents and visitors of the city.

It is worth noting that in order to avoid acts of vandalism, a private security company will be constantly on duty in the new public space.

В Пафосе сдали в эксплуатацию Парк красок

Detailed information about all projects in Paphos can be obtained from the specialists of the DOM Real Estate - No. 1 real estate agency in Cyprus DOM by phone +357 26 030 205, or in person at: 1st Apriliou Street 8, Aristo Center 8011, Paphos, Cyprus.
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