Unique Bee Park Opens in Cyprus

На Кипре появился уникальный парк пчел
22 November 2021 DOM LiVE

A new unique bee park has opened in the Famagusta district, not far from the Achna Dam, on an area of 18.5 hectares.

Antelia Bee Park is still working in test mode, work on the project is still ongoing. Nevertheless, anyone can walk around the park, study the life of bees and buy pure bee products, herbs and cosmetics. 

The owner of the park is Antonis Ilias, a fifth-generation beekeeper. According to the idea, his project will contribute to the development of ecotourism, improve the biodiversity of nature, as well as popularize the area of the village of Ahna.

A lot has already been done in the park to attract bees here.

For example, special places for their habitat are equipped, plants that attract their attention (lavender, thyme, etc.) are planted.

The new theme park has:

  1. dining room,
  2. observatory for observing the flora and fauna of the Achna dam,
  3. bee museum,
  4. children's playground,
  5. kiosks with various beekeeping products,
  6. lake,
  7. pit,
  8. extensive green areas, including about 750 trees (50 different species) and about 5,000 fragrant shrubs.

Also in Antelia Bee Park, there are exhibits with which you can study the production process of honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and candles. The owner also plans to install signs for visitors to inform and raise awareness in three languages.

В районе Ларнаки появился уникальный парк пчел

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