New Theme Park to be Built in Limassol

В районе Лимассола появится новый тематический парк
14 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Monday, December 13, the Department of Environment of Cyprus issued a permit for the construction of a new large-scale theme park in the village of Prasteio Kellakiou (Limassol district).

It is worth noting that earlier the government environmental protection agency ordered Decosta Labs Ltd to conduct a re-examination of the impact of the project on the environment in which it should be constructed.

The fact is that the building sites are only 200 m away from the Natura 2000 nature protection zone. The total land area is 25,565 m2, and future buildings will be 7,292 m2 (about 29% of this territory).

The Department of Environment stated that the eco-farm will radically change the nature of this area, since the construction will require cutting down trees and changing the landscape of the entire site, as well as laying communications and roads.

At the same time, the theme park will be located in a protected area, just 200 meters from the Limassol Forest, where eagles nest. Cutting down coniferous trees will inevitably affect the flora and fauna of the area. The level of noise, dust, lighting, sewage will increase.

Based on the above, the agency decided that the developer must:

  1. include in their plans the creation of a fire-fighting infrastructure approved by the Fire Service;
  2. assess how changes in the landscape and the felling of trees will affect the surrounding area, especially underground springs;
  3. accurately describe the species of flora and fauna that inhabit the site and assess the impact of the project on them;
  4. assess how the creation of a road network and the creation of communications will affect the surrounding nature;
  5. notify the Department of Environment of comments received as part of the public discussion of the project.

In turn, the owner of the project challenged the decision of the Department of Environment. As a result, Decosta Labs Ltd still managed to obtain a license for construction, which will begin in the near future.

В районе Лимассола появится новый тематический парк

As you may know, the project includes:

  1. a winery (161m2),
  2. distillery (61 m2),
  3. cheese factory (85 m2),
  4. olive shop (153 m2),
  5. restaurant (321 m2),
  6. cafe (82 m2),
  7. equipment maintenance (126 m2),
  8. amphitheater for events (400 m2 and for 170 people),
  9. organic products shop (85 m2),
  10. water treatment plant (18 m2),
  11. bathroom,
  12. parking area (5,800 m2 for 156 cars).

It is expected that the theme park will also become a new educational and educational space, where entertainment events of an ecological and cultural nature will take place.

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