Cyprus Football Federation to Acquire Large Sports Center

Кипрская федерации футбола обзаведётся крупномасштабным спортивным центром
4 August 2021 DOM LiVE

On Wednesday 4 August, the Cyprus Football Federation (CFC) announced that the construction of a new sports center will soon begin in the village of Kornos (Larnaca district).

The winner of the architectural competition for the best project was recently selected. It was the architectural bureau FEREOS ARHITECTS LLC - TSAMP.

According to the release, the project of a sports center for the Cyprus Football Federation includes football fields with all accompanying premises, an office building and other auxiliary educational and hotel facilities, interconnected by a square with a landscape area.

When developing the project, the FEREOS ARHITECTS LLC - TSAMP took into account a number of features of the area in which it will be implemented. The following design tasks were identified:

  • Minimization of physical configurations and designation of the physical geomorphology of the site.
  • Optimization of traffic by limiting routes and corridors to a minimum, without crossing the various types of access associated with visitors, athletes and officials.
  • Opening of the complex in a public area as a place for recreation with the aim of better integration into a wider space.
  • Promotion of the complex as a place that cultivates the values ​​of sport, inspires and creates spatial experiences.

The development plan assumes:

  • Creation of a recreation area for guests on the ground floor level, from where public access to an elevated plateau - a belvedere in the form of a circular pedestrian movement from the entrance to the stadiums and back will be provided.
  • On the ground floor, there are rooms for coaches, changing rooms for athletes, rooms for various seminars and a cafe. From here, athletes and visitors will have access to 4 football fields.
  • On the lower level there will be large storage facilities, private undressed national teams, a gym and a rehabilitation area. Athletes will also have direct access to the main stadium and two training grounds from here.

The total building area will be about 10 thousand m2. The new football center in Kornos will be the largest sports project in Cyprus.

На Кипре построят новый спортивный центр для Кипрской федерации футболаКипрская федерации футбола обзаведётся крупномасштабным спортивным центром

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