New Photovoltaic Park to be Erected in Paphos

В районе Пафоса возведут новый фотоэлектрический парк
15 December 2021 DOM LiVE

Cyprus will have one more photovoltaic park.

The Department of Environment has approved the construction of a new power station that will convert solar energy into electricity.

According to the release, a new power plant, which will operate using the latest photovoltaic energy technologies, will appear in the village of Pano Akourdaleia, Paphos. The capacity of the photovoltaic park will be 150 kW.

The total area of the building site will be 19.4 thousand m2, of which the photovoltaic park will have about 1 thousand m2.

It is worth noting that the land on which the photovoltaic park will be built is located at a distance of 280, 310 and 360m from private houses and at a distance of 700 m from the residential center of the village of Pano Akourdaleia.

The estimated cost of the project is estimated at 140 thousand euros.

As for the operation stage of the park, it is expected that it will not have a negative impact on the environment. On the contrary, this project will help meet the energy needs of the region and reduce the country's dependence on imported and non-renewable energy sources.

В районе Пафоса возведут новый фотоэлектрический парк

As you may know, the issue of economical electricity consumption on the island has always been very acute.

The small area and the lack of natural resources from which fuel is produced makes Cyprus vulnerable to electricity consumption. Only new technologies can allow the country to save electricity and thereby spend much less money.

Therefore, at present, Cyprus' special attention is focused on renewable energy sources such as solar panels. As a result, photovoltaic parks periodically appear on the island.

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