New Large Medical Center to be Built in Nicosia

В Никосии возведут новый масштабный медицинский центр
11 September 2021 DOM LiVE
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The Department of Environment is considering a project to build a new large-scale medical center in the Engomi, ​​Nicosia.

According to the release, the medical center will have several blocks. The buildings will consist of a basement and four above ground floors, as well as a roof garden.

The total area of ​​the building site will be 96,500 m2, hospital buildings - 10,453 m2, rehabilitation center - 6,926 m2.

By the way, the project is aimed at enriching and improving medical services in the area. A total of 83 wards will appear in the medical center: 54 - in the hospital building and 29 - in the building of the rehabilitation center.

The following departments will be represented in the new medical institution:

  • round-the-clock emergency and emergency department (minor cases);
  • cardiology department;
  • endoscopy department;
  • administration department;
  • gynecological and maternity ward;
  • pediatric department;
  • intensive care unit;
  • sterilization department;
  • radiology department and radiology rooms;
  • laboratory department.

The project provides for the following types of chambers:

  • obstetric,
  • pathological,
  • surgical,
  • pediatric,
  • intensive care.

В Никосии возведут новый масштабный медицинский центр

According to the plan, there will be:

  • reception areas, waiting areas;
  • pharmacy;
  • stairs, porches and electromechanical rooms;
  • toilets for patients and staff;
  • cafe and restaurant for visitors;
  • examination points;
  • auxiliary premises (utility rooms, medical warehouses, etc.);
  • a rehabilitation center with various services, a gym, changing rooms, a hydrotherapy and rehabilitation pool;
  • kitchens and food warehouses;
  • dining area for staff indoors and outdoors;
  • waste management;
  • morgue;
  • changing rooms for staff;
  • warehouses for storing materials and consumables, equipment and others;
  • administration offices;
  • surgical rooms with their own auxiliary rooms;
  • one-, two- and three-bed rooms;
  • roof garden;
  • parking spaces on the ground and first floor (500 spaces in total).

There will be 6 enters.

The hospital will work from 08:00 am to 20:00 pm, while the medical center will work around the clock. For the rehabilitation center, the opening hours will be from 08:00 to 19:00. The number of employees in medical institutions will be 208 people (188 in the hospital and 20 in the rehabilitation center). The hospital staff will work 3-4 shifts.

In particular, 70 employees will work in the morning and midday shifts, 50 in the day shift and 40 in the night shift. The staff of the rehabilitation center will work in two shifts, morning (07:00 - 15:00) and night (15:00 - 23:00).

The total cost of the project is estimated at 50 million euros. The implementation period is 2025.

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