New camp site in Loutra will be ready in 2021

В Акамасе на берегу моря строится новый кемпинг
24 August 2020 Angelica Michael

A new campsite is being built in an area next to the Baths of Aphrodite at the entrance of Akamas, in the territory of the New Village of Paphos. 

We made reference to the project in our previous report in May with the coronavirus pandemic, however, to "freeze" the works for a long time and to start again recently.


The mayor of Neos Chorio, Andreas Christodoulou, noted that after the resumption of work, the camp is expected to be ready in 2021.

Characteristically, Mr. Christodoulou stated that the camp will be operational in 2021 (April - May), with the new tourist season.


It is going very, very well, said Mr. Christodoulou, hoping that the pandemic situation would improve so that the camp would be operational in April or May because there is no tourism in winter.

Will the new camping site help the area?

To the above question, Mr. Christodoulou answered that, certainly, both the camp site and the national park in Akamas, which is estimated to be ready by the end of 2022, will help.

Mr. Christodoulou told that estimated cost will around € 400 000.

В Акамасе на берегу моря строится новый кемпинг

In detail, the camp site will include:

  • 17 specially designed areas for caravans
  • 43 circular spaces for placing awnings/tents
  • Parking for 60 cars and 2 boats to serve the campers
  • Administration building which will include a security guard office, cash register, warehouse, small grocery store, doctor's office, basement rest area
  • the security guard and toilet
  • Catering building which will include an indoor dining area, an outdoor dining area, and a shared cooking area.
  • 2 buildings with showers and toilets. One will also have washing machines. 
  • Playground (volleyball court)
  • non-permanent kiosk / refreshment room
  • fenced area with children's toys
  • internal road network
  • The internal network of paths
  • infrastructure for electricity and water supply
  • watertight tanks for waste storage

As a community leader, I'm upset with the local plan. It has been unfair and irrational for 15 years to take it out of one cold room and put it in the other because there are expediencies, said Mr. Christodoulou.


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