Larnaca To Have Multi-Space for Various Events

В Ларнаке появится мультипространство для проведения различных мероприятий
22 July 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Thursday 22 July, the Cyprus Department of the Environment approved the construction of a new place for various events in the municipality of Aradippou (Larnaca region).

According to the release, the project provides for the creation of indoor and outdoor areas in the open air, which will later be used for exhibitions, lectures and conferences, as well as weddings and other events.

It should be noted that the application was assessed by derogation from the local plan for Larnaca, as the proposed use is not a permitted type of development in this residential area.

The building area will be 7,017 m2.

It will be located in a residential area with a permissible building of no more than 3 floors. The site adjoins the Limassol Avenue service road that connects the area to the Larnaca city center in the east and ends at the Kalo Chorio roundabout in the west.

Within a radius of about 1 km around the proposed development site, there are mainly residential buildings, as well as schools, a park, individual commercial and mixed developments.

The investigated area is located at an altitude of about 40-45 m above sea level. It currently has a two-story house, an old production warehouse and a garden. According to the developer, about 40 trees (olives, pomegranates, oranges) will be replanted to other parts of the site if they do not fit into the design of the project.

As for the buildings which are already erected on the site, the two-storey house will be renovated, and the roof in the old industrial warehouse will be replaced, provided that they are found suitable for use. Otherwise, the buildings will be demolished, and new structures of a similar type will be erected in their place.

In addition, a decorative pond 50 cm deep will appear on the territory of the new multi-space. The project also involves the construction of a building that will house an exhibition space with a total area of ​​1485.59 m2 and covered terraces with a total area of ​​233.13 m2.

For the convenience of visitors, a spacious parking lot for 68 cars is also provided, of which five will be allocated for employees, six for people with disabilities and one for public catering vehicles.

The project will begin shortly.

В Ларнаке появится мультипространство для проведения различных мероприятий

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