Large Flood Control Project To Start In Limassol

В Лимассоле стартует масштабный проект по борьбе с наводнениями
1 July 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Limassol is one of those cities in the world where the weather is good for about 300 days a year. But the storms that hit it on a few winter days cause a lot of inconvenience to local residents.

By the way, floods have always been a big problem for Limassol. The lack of an effective anti-storm sewage system is an issue that needs to be solved for several decades. Unfortunately, the necessary measures have not yet been taken, and the repair work carried out over the past 10 years in the city center has even worsened the situation.

However, the Limassol Municipality is not giving up and intends to finally rectify this situation.

On Wednesday, June 30, the mayor of the city announced the start of a new large project, thanks to which the center of Limassol, in particular the medieval castle area and the Anexartisias shopping street, will no longer be flooded during the rains. The city will create a large 4 km drain.

В Лимассоле стартует масштабный проект по борьбе с наводнениями

According to the plan, they will collect rainwater and head it to the river, and from there to the sea.

The first drain will start from near Makariou Avenue, the second one - from Agias Filaxis Street, and the third one - from Vasilis Michaelides street, near the Pattihio Municipal Theater.

This is a very important project for the city. We are faced with a difficult task, as we will have to excavate 27 streets in the city center. Many of these are big roads with heavy traffic and high commercial activity. In addition, in view of the strict time constraints, the construction company that will deal with this project will have to comply with an extended schedule, and work until late at night and on weekends, - said Mayor of Limassol Nikos Nikolaidis.

It is expected that the implementation of the project will begin as soon as possible. Its implementation period will be 20 months, and the cost is about €7 million.

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