Сompany G. Frantzis Developing

General information:

City: Limassol
Year of construction: 1992
Direction of development : Commercial property


The company was founded in 1992 by George Francis, President of the G. Frantzis Group of companies, based on the group's experience gained over the years of successful work with real estate.

G. Frantzis Developing Ltd is a company specializing in residential and commercial development projects, always in accordance with the latest materials used, automation and advanced technological progress in the field of housing construction.

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Tatyana Kovalsky
Developer representative:
Tatyana Kovalsky


№ 52950
Frantzis Tower
Limassol / Omonia
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Estate objects

Компания «Dom Real Estate» Контакты:
Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy