Сompany BG Waywin

General information:

City: Limassol
Year of construction: 2007
Direction of development : Apartments , Commercial property


Company history:

The WAYWIN Group of Companies owns assets in the field of residential and office real estate, occupying leading positions in their market segments and successfully implementing large-scale projects both in Cyprus and in Russia. We are building and planning new residential complexes, adhering to the concept of "world's best practices". We have our own rental and real estate management service in our arsenal, as well as comprehensive legal and accounting support, thanks to cooperation with R'YS?

Today, the group of companies is represented by a whole aul of projects, most of which are implemented in the pearl of the Mediterranean - on the island of Cyprus.

SUN WAYWIN is a cross-functional company.

We strive for excellence in business by means of investing in the most promising development projects, participate in the creation and implementation of the best practices of investing in securities, develop the market of international consulting services, form high professional standards.

SUN WAYWIN is managed by professionals in the field of project investment in both local and global markets. We support interesting projects at the stages of development and growth. We always fulfill our obligations and are open to communication with partners.

BG Waywin Group of Companies is accredited worldwide. The reputation of the group of companies in the nomination "Quality, reliability and safety" is confirmed by the international organization MOA (150 9001).


The individuality of architectural design-distinguishes BG Waywin's facilities from others. We attach great importance to the design of the exterior and interior at all stages: from the construction of the foundation, to interior decoration, from the choice of furniture, etc(

equipping the facility with household appliances, adhering to the highest international standards, and the use of innovative technologies allows us to make the life of our customers more comfortable and safe.

BG Waywin's mission is to create a comfortable and safe space for life and business. The process of finding and creating the most effective solutions for our customers is continuous.

Our main principle: the benefit of the client is the benefit of the company. We do not just provide services in the i: residential and commercial real estate market, we help


  1. 2007 First investments in development projects
  2. 2008 Joining the International Federation of Real Estate Market Professionals (E1AVC1)
  3. 2009 The first transaction in the Russian real estate market.
  4. 2010 Start of cooperation with developers and real estate agencies in the EU
  5. 2011 Opening of a representative office in the European Union
  6. 2012 conclusion of a major development contract in the territory of the Russian Federation
  7. 2013 The first development project on the territory of the European Union
  8. 2014 The first investment project in Cyprus
  9. 2015 Start of cooperation with real estate developers
  10. 2016 conclusion of a transaction on a commercial real estate project in Limassol "SUN WAYWIN Business plaza"
  11. 2017 Start of construction of the Apesis Wellness Residences apartment complex
  12. 2018 Start of construction of a business center in Nicosia "The Asteroid"
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Tatyana Kovalsky
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Tatyana Kovalsky
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№ 49291
The Asteroid
Nicosia / Dasoupolis
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№ 45370
Anesis Wellness Residences
Limassol / Germasogeia
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Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy