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City: Nicosia


Where others saw upheaval, we saw opportunity.

In 1991, Principals George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic recognized the investment opportunities in Eastern Europe presented by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent privatization process. Today, the firm they founded in 1993 continues to leverage the vision of targeting inefficiencies in capital-starved global markets.

NCH is headquartered in New York, with an additional ten local offices in Eastern Europe and South America.

A History of Pioneer Investing


Following the collapse of Soviet Union, George Rohr and Moris Tabacinic begin investing in its new markets.


NCH is founded and launches one of the first Western funds in the region; establishes presence on the ground and makes its first investments.


NCH exits its investment in St. Petersburg Telephone, previously acquired in the privatization process, in the first over-the-counter transaction between two Western counterparties in a public Russian security.


NCH launches OPIC-backed fund to invest in private equity in the region.


NCH launches an opportunity fund to invest across asset classes primarily in Romania.


NCH makes its first small agribusiness investments.


In the wake of the devastating 1998 Russian financial collapse, NCH perseveres despite an equity market decline of 93% from its peak the prior year.


Opportunistic real estate and agribusiness private equity fund launched.

NCH identifies opportunity to purchase or lease prime farmland to be consolidated into industrial-scale agribusiness operations and holdings.


NCH begins investing in agribusiness in Ukraine; operations subsequently grouped under the AgroProsperis brand.


NCH’s first fully dedicated agribusiness fund raises $1.2 billion – invests in Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova and Romania.


AgroProsperis first year of large-scale farming in Ukraine.


AgroTerra, NCH’s Russian agribusiness, is launched.


NCH begins operations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, investing in Brazilian equity markets.


AgroTerra first year of large-scale farming in Russia.


NCH-managed funds have over $1 billion invested in agribusiness projects in the region.


Final permitting and plan approvals in process for Kassiopi (Corfu, Greece) and Sv. Stefan (Montenegro), two real estate projects managed by NCH.

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