Nicosia City Centre, Nicosia

General information:

City: Nicosia
Area: Town Center Nicosia
Type of complex: Commercial building
Updated: 13.02.2022


Strategic location in the city center, next to the Landmark Hotel and the renovated Kallipoleos Avenue, directly opposite the University of Cyprus Park. Nicosia City Center (NCC) today is a leading commercial building with a corporate lifestyle in the heart of the capital, designed in accordance with the highest quality standards and specifications.


  1. Energy efficient Class A building;
  2. Branded atrium in the lobby;
  3. Lifestyle office space with the highest standards;
  4. Large shops and cafes on the ground floor;
  5. large green area;
  6. Open floors for customization as needed;
  7. Open Roof Bar-restaurant on the fifth floor;
  8. Easy accessibility and ample parking;
  9. Integrated photovoltaics;
  10. Smart glass of the highest quality;

The project is located in the most central and prestigious part of the capital - right in front of Land Mark. It is located next to the multifunctional Government/Qatar Complex. The project is marked by two commercial roads facing the main street.

  1. Total area of the center of Nicosia (GBA): 13,485 m2
  2. Covered veranda: 1632 m2
  3. Retail area (GLA): 1,197 m2
  4. Offices (GLA): 5,238 m2
  5. Parking: 3,341 m2 Total area: 1,509 m2

And also:

  1. View of the park;
  2. Green design with exciting landscape elements;
  3. Smart Office services;
  4. High-quality raised floor;
  5. Three separate elevators;
  6. High ceilings;
  7. Private lobby on each floor;
  8. Large uninterrupted office space;
  9. large covered and open verandas;
  10. External LED lighting design; dark fiber cable wiring;
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Axana Mansourian
Project Manager:
Axana Mansourian
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