Stephan 105

General information:

City: Larnaca
Area: Aradippou
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Updated: 18.04.2022
Floors: 3
Date of commissioning: 2023
Number of bedrooms: from 2 to 3
Area of objects, m2: from 106 to 160
Distance to the sea, m: 3850
Cost of purchase, €: from 165 000 to 200 000


Technical characteristics of the future project:

Building frame

  1. Antiseismic reinforced concrete in accordance with the relevant Cypriot earthquake standards and norms.
  2. Artificial wood on the exterior walls of the project in accordance with the architectural plans.
  3. All living rooms, hallway, kitchen, corridors, bathrooms and sleeping areas will be decorated with European tiles. Bathrooms will be tiled (floor and walls up to 2.4 meters high).

Exterior aluminum doors and windows

  1. All exterior doors and windows will be made of aluminum sections with double glazing and will include opening or sliding sections.

Cabinets and kitchen sets

  1. High-quality wardrobes made of laminate, with a modern base of matte laminate and white glossy walls. The surface of the countertop is granite/quartz.

Plumbing fittings

  1. All plumbing and fittings of the 1st quality, including accessories, comply with EU standards.

Plumbing installation

  1. According to British standards, NPVC pipes for drainage and pipe-in-pipe systems for cold/hot water supply.

Water supply

  1. Solar panels for hot water.

Video phone

  1. Installing a videophone at the main entrance.


  1. One covered parking space for each apartment.

Corridors and stairs

  1. Marble on the stairs and in all common areas.

Photovoltaic system

  1. Solar energy system, the latest technology of direct conversion of light into electricity to minimize your energy bills.
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Irina Eroshenko
Project Manager:
Irina Eroshenko
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