Ria Court 3, Larnaca

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City: Larnaca
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Updated: 30.08.2022


Criterion No. 2: developed infrastructure Here you need to understand that in Cyprus (conditionally, of course), there are two types of infrastructure according to requests:

  1. tourist cafes and restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, diving centers, yacht clubs, clubs, bars, spas, amusement parks, etc.; here the availability of public transport and taxis; residential — clinics, kindergartens and schools, banks and offices, gyms, large shops, parking spaces, etc.

Based on the type, you can imagine a potential future buyer and his requests. But the greatest demand is, of course, a combination of these two types.

Criterion No. 3: first line Real estate on the first line of the sea is always in demand in all countries — for an excellent view from the window, for walking distance to beaches, for developed infrastructure nearby (as a rule, it is not always only tourist – and maybe quite comfortable to live, see the criterion above).

The second and third lines are also not bad, but here you already need to look at many other circumstances. Sometimes an apartment with a good view can have only the beach within walking distance, and everything else will be too far away, then such housing will be more difficult to sell.

And the first line is always a win—win option. Even if these are small apartments in a quiet and modest village, there will always be buyers for them.

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