Prime Corner Residences, Larnaca

General information:

City: Larnaca
Area: Agioi Anargyroi
To know
Updated: 09.12.2021
Floors: 4
Date of commissioning: 12/2021
Number of bedrooms: from 2 to 3
Residential area of the complex: 1065
Area of objects, m2: from 125 to 163
Distance to the sea, m: 1089


PRIME CORNER RESIDENCES is a new residential project proudly released by Africanos Developers on ARIADNIS STREET located in the very exclusive and prestigious Larnaca Marina Area and The Larnaca Town Center.

The project boasts eight two bedroom with two bathroom apartments - all with spacious and contemporary living areas. There are two apartments per storey ensuring optimum privacy for potential buyers. 

The two fourth floor apartment benefit from individual private and luxury roof-gardens with amazing views of the lovely neighbourhood. 

Each apartment has one parking bay and a storage room on the ground level.

The lovely residential neighbourhood is quiet and family orientated surrounded by large luxury houses and residential properties. The project is very near to supermarkets, private schools such as the American Academy and with immediate access to highways to Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Famagusta.

PRIME CORNER RESIDENCES has been fully designed and studied by our professional team of Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers. The modern design makes excellent use of features like top quality ceramic finish, unique glass balconies and clever layout of living areas designed to offer optional space, privacy and also a views of the prestigious neighborhood and Famous Larnaca Salt Lake

The project will have an energy efficiency of grade "A" since photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof in order to produce renewable energy. 

The photovoltaic panels through “net metering” will make sure the penthouse owners benefit from significant savings in electricity consumption.

The project is expected to be completed BEFORE 31 December 2021.

Details of the project


  • EARTHWORKS: Excavation of plot to reach to good soil conditions and pouring of one layer of concrete thickness five (5) centimeters. 
  • FOUNDATIONS (Substructure): Reinforced concrete raft foundation enclosed and divided by beams according to the Eurocodes and the Cyprus National Annexes.
  • FRAME (Superstructure): Reinforced concrete frame designed according to the Eurocodes and the Cyprus National Annexes.
  • EXTERNAL FACADE: Shell of building designed to satisfy an A energy efficiency certificate. FLOORS: Light weight concrete to cover services below flooring. 


  • BELOW FOUNDATION: Under thin layer of concrete a polythene membrane is applied to prevent moisture rising through the slab. 
  • PERIMETER OF FOUNDATION: Two layers of asphalt is applied to the perimeter of the foundation to prevent moisture rising through the edges.
  • MASONRY WALLS: Polyester water proof membrane of 3 mm is applied only on the ground floor first course masonry. 
  • BALCONIES: Below the tiles water proof polyester insulation of 3 mm is applied. 
  • ROOF: Water proof polyester insulation membrane of 4 mm is applied on the roof


  • Parking and storage areas are allocated as per architectural plans. 


  • GARDEN: At the front of the building on ground level garden to be provided. Maintained by an automatic irrigation system and illuminated during night with automated cell.
  • ENTRANCE LOBBY: A carefully designed entrance lobby with mirrors and false ceilings having led spot lights automated by motion sensor switches.
  • PARKING ILLUMINATION: Motion sensors installed within the parking areas to provide ease and low energy consumption to the tenants coming into and out from the building.
  • NAME OF BUILDING: Provided on ground floor level.
  • ELEVATOR: Latest gearless technology elevator to minimize sound during operation. Having stainless steel lining to the inside and mirrors.


  • PIPING FROM APARTMENT MANIFOLD TO SANITARY FITTINGS: All pipe work from manifold to sanitary fittings, is pipe-in-pipe. 
  • SOLAR PANELS AND WATER TANKS: Cold and hot water to be provided via solar panels and water tanks provided at roof level


  • SHOWER: European standard for luxury white sanitary fittings & fixtures (or similar approved) including accessories for a total supply of €500 plus VAT per shower room.
  • KITCHEN: European Standard sink of €150 plus VAT


  • WIRING: All wiring installation to comply with the 17th edition of EAC.
  • INFRARED MOTION DETECTOR: Infrared motion detectors are installed within all common areas.
  • TIME SWITCH: Within all common areas time switch units are provided.
  • VIDEO ENTRY PHONE: Video entry phone provided on the ground floor and is connected to all apartments and roof gardens. 
  • BEDROOMS: Within each bedroom a T.V. point, telephone point and a provision for an Ethernet point is provided. 
  • BALCONIES: Water proof sockets are provided on the balconies


  • INTERNALLY: Within each bedroom and living area, provisions are provided for A.C. split units.


  • INTERNALLY ALL SURFACES: Three layers of plaster is applied to all internal areas. One layer of stabilizer is applied on the third hand plaster and then three hands of Peletico Maxicote is applied (or similar approved). 
  • CEILINGS: On fair faced concrete ceilings three layers of spackle paint is applied. 
  • EDGES: Metal angles on all interior vertical edges.
  • MASONRY WALLS CONNECTION BEAMS & COLUMNS: Fiberglass mesh on the connections of concrete and masonry. 


  • SLIDING WINDOWS & DOORS: Double glazing laminated sliding doors / windows of silver colour or similar kind are to be installed. 
  • OPENING WINDOWS: Double glazing laminated opening/sliding windows of silver colour or similar kind are to be installed for all the windows in the Wcs.


  • LIVING AREAS: Tiles at a price of €12.00 plus VAT per square meter. 
  • BEDROOMS & CORRIDORS: Tiles at a price of €12.00 plus VAT per square meter
  • KITCHEN & BATHROOMS: Tiles at a price of €12.00 plus VAT per square meter
  • BALCONIES: Tiles at a price of €12.00 plus VAT per square meter


  • KITCHEN: High quality wood with melamine or similar wood is to be used for the kitchen. Cupboards to be provided below and above the granite counters.
  • BEDROOMS: High quality wood with melamine or similar wood is to be used for the bedrooms. Floor to ceiling spacious wardrobes.
  • MAIN ENTRANCE DOORS: High quality wood with melamine or similar wood to be used for the entrance door


  • KITCHEN GRANITE: First class granite or similar kind applied on the kitchen countertops of €100 plus VAT per running meter. 
  • BATHROOM: First class granite or similar kind applied on the toilet countertops of €100 plus VAT per running meter. 
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