General information:

City: Larnaca
Area: Kamares
To know
Updated: 31.05.2022
Floors: 4
Number of bedrooms: from 1 to 2
Residential area of the complex: 680
Area of objects, m2: from 50 to 76
Distance to the sea, m: 3300
Cost of purchase, €: from 105 000 to 205 000


D–Building is a beautifully designed project located in the popular Faneromeni / Kamares area of Larnaca overlooking the famous old Kamares viaduct and beautiful Salt Lake with its migratory birds. It’s proximity to surrounding open areas makes for a light airy feel with amazing views. This project has extremely easy access into the town center the sea and the highway network. There are numerous, supermarkets and shops in the area along with gyms, cinema, schools, cafes, restaurants and is less than 5 minutes away fr om the new Larnaca Mall.

D-Building has exceptional design features, comprises of 7 two bed apartments and 3 one beds a total of 10 apartments. Its’ comfortable living areas include en-suite bathrooms and exceptionally large wardrobes, allowing for greater storage. All apartments come complete with Italian Kitchens, granite worktops covered parking and storage rooms. Client selection of interior fixtures and fittings makes it possible to combine luxury and design to secure the maximum in quality living. For those looking for a greater living experience, this project is not to be missed.

Project Details:

  • Address: Faneromeni/Kamares 6037
  • City: Larnaca
  • Status: For Sale
  • Type: Apartments
  • Completion Date: 2023
  • Airport - 6km +
  • Stores - 100m
  • Beach - 4km
  • Restaurants - 100m

Additional Features:

  • Pressurised Water System
  • Double Glazing
  • Provision for A/C
  • Store Room
  • Green Area
  • Granite Kitchen Work Tops
  • Covered Parking
  • Close to Airport
  • Entry Phone system
  • Close to Sea



1.1. The framework is comprised of reinforced concrete of strength C30 and high tensile strength steel of grade S500s.

1.2. The structural design is in accordance to the Cyprus Anti-seismic Regulations.


2.1. The external (25cm) and internal (10cm) walls will be constructed with hollow bricks of the finest quality, laid with cement paste in widths according to the architectural plans and the detail drawings.

2.2. Plastic mesh will be placed at the joints of masonry with reinforced concrete members.

2.3. Damp proof course will be placed at ground floor walls.


3.1. Internal

3.1.1. Masonry will receive three coats of sand/cement plastering.

3.1.2. The ceilings will have a fair face finish and will receive two coats of spatula (leveling compound).

3.1.3. The walls and ceilings will be painted with three coats of emulsion paint of the finest quality of which the color will be chosen by the vendor.

3.2. External

3.2.1. External walls will be insulated with kelyfos system (50mm of polystyrene).


4.1. Foundation

The concrete surfaces in contact with soil will receive two coats of bitumen emulsion.

4.2. Ground Floor Verandas

The external joint between ground floor slab and walls will receive two coats cementatious water proof course reinforced with plastic net.

4.3. Balconies

Balconies will receive two coats cementatious water proof course over the screed. The joint between the concrete floor and the walls will be reinforced with plastic net.

4.4. Roof gardens and planters

Roof gardens and planters will receive two coats cementatious water proof course, reinforced with plastic net.

4.5. Roofs

Exposed flat roofs will receive two coats polyurethane base water proof course. Sand – cement triangular fillet will be constructed at the joint between parapet walls and concrete slab.


5.1. All the ceramic flooring will be selected by the purchaser fr om an available predefined selection of the vendor at an early stage so it does not affect the progress of the building.

5.2. Ceramic tiles with matching skirting will be placed on all floors and will be to a selling price of €12/m.

5.3. On the floors of W.Cs, showers and bathroom the ceramic tiles will be to a selling price of €12/m².

5.4. In verandas and patios the tiles and skirting will be of a selling price of €12/m and will be a choice of the vendor.

5.5. In the cases where purchasers choose to used tiles that exceed the aforementioned monetary allowances specified by the vendor they will be charged the additional costs of purchasing and placing such tiles (in cases where there exists such an extra cost).

5.6. The prices of the ceramic tiles are predefined, and refer to pricelist rates of non – special offers.

5.7. The stairwell will have synthetic marble cladding, which will be a choice of vendor at the price of €30/m.

5.8. Common Areas lift & Lobby granite at the price of €30/m.


6.1. The walls of W.CS, showers and bathrooms will be dressed up to the height of the door lintel, with tiles of a selling price of €12/m² fr om an available selection predefined by the vendor.

6.2. In the kitchens, the part of the walls between working surfaces and the top cupboards will be dressed with tiles of a selling price of €12/m² from an available selection predefined by the vendor.

6.3. The prices of the wall tiles are predefined, and refer to pricelist rates of non- special offers. 


7.1. Sanitary units and fittings will be placed according to the plans and will be of white color and high quality.

7.2. The purchase of the sanitary units, defined by the vendor at 1500 euro for 2 bd apt, and 1200 euro for 1 bd apt.


8.1. The pipes and accessories for the drainage system will be of the finest quality and will be laid in accordance to the relevant elevation plans.

8.2. The pipes will be plastic and will meet the terms of the prototype BS 4514.

8.3. External drainage installation will be connected with the main sewerage system. In the case which it doesn’t exist at the specific domain, then the drainage installations will be constructed with provision for future connection.


9.1. The electrical installation will be in accordance to the relevant plans and the current EAC regulations. All electrical conduits will be cast within slabs, floors and walls.

9.2. All accessories, conduits and cables will be of the finest quality.

9.3. The following will be included in the electrical installation:

Electric door bell

Provision for kitchen hood extractor (wh ere applicable)

Provisions for electric oven, washing-machine and dishwasher (if indicated on architectural drawings)

9.4. Provision for installation of a T.V. outlet in all rooms

9.5. Provision for installation of telephone outlet in all rooms

9.6. Provision for two exterior lights at locations predefined by the vendor

9.7. Provision for installation of a satellite T.V.

9.8. Provision for installation of cable T.V. and internet, if this is included in the electrical plans.

9.9. In cases wh ere the purchasers choose to install light fittings other than the ones predefined by the vendor, they will be charged with the cost of the purchase and installation of those fittings. The installation of those fittings will be done after the final approval of the E.A.C. (Electricity Authority of Cyprus).

9.10. Intercom Camera for each Apt.

The current supply for the requirements of each Apt unit is considered imperative.


10.1. All necessary electrical and mechanical piping and wiring provisions for airconditioning installations will be done in accordance with the electrical and mechanical drawings.


11.1. The plumbing installation to all sanitary units and to the solar water heating panel will be of pipe in pipe aluminum (pex) of high pressure, according to international standards.

11.2. The plumbing installation includes cold and hot water supply to the kitchen sink, bathtubs, shower columns and washbasins. In addition, the plumbing installation includes cold water supply for washing machine and dishwasher wherever indicated on the drawings.


12.1. The ground floor main entrance door will be of solid wood high quality chosen by the vendor. In cases wh ere the door is of solid wood the door frame will be of soft wood 200 x 75mm and will be painted to match the door’s color.

12.2. All the internal doors will be laminated prefabricated doors chosen by the vendor.

12.3. Bedroom wardrobes will be laminated and will be made in accordance with the dimensions as shown in the architectural drawings.

12.4. All kitchen benches and cupboards will be made of laminated wood or melamine chosen by the Vendor

12.5. The kitchen worktop will be of granite at €150/m.


13.1. All the exterior openings will have thermal insulated aluminum frames, in the color chosen by the vendor and will be either sliding or opening, in accordance to the architectural drawings, with thermal double glazing of thickness of 4mm. Internally the glass will be clear, while the exterior will be shaded.


14.1. Each house will be provided with electric boiler and storage, two solar heating panels. At 1000lt water tank and a pressure system will be placed either in the roof space or on a flat roof.


15.1. In the internal side of the stairwell will be placed either metal rail or handrail, depending on the architectural plans.

15.2. For the parking entrance and the house main entrance will be manufactured and placed metal rail, according to the architectural plans and will be a choice of the vendor.

15.3. All metal surfaces will be painted with one coat of anti-rust primer and two coats of oil paint of the finest quality.


16.1 Elevator According for EU Standard (KONE)

17.For Exterior Cladding

Define by the architectural drawings

HPL is used .

18. For balconies fencing.

Glass fence will apply

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Irina Eroshenko
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Irina Eroshenko
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