The Centrum House, Famagusta

General information:

City: Famagusta
Area: Sotira
To know
Updated: 27.10.2021
Number of bedrooms: from 3
Area of objects, m2: from 338


The quote “a picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more relevant for this fantastical home.

The stark angles and large windows yet subtleness of warm colours and private reading area in a corner strikes a fine balance between obvious and discreet.

The concept the designers used here was hidden and unhidden, a house with nooks and areas of surprise where you can enjoy more personal moments.

A unique house that screams luxury and clever functionality.

The cantilevered pool, the cinematic TV screen and the modern fireplace push this house to a different level of luxury.


  1. Two Floors
  2. Bedroom
  3. Three Bedrooms
  4. Toilet
  5. Two Toilets
  6. Bathroom
  7. One Bathroom


  1. BBQ Area
  2. Dining Area
  3. En-suite Bathroom
  4. Fireplace Unit
  5. Guest Toilet
  6. Kitchen
  7. Laundry
  8. Living Room
  9. Pool Area
  10. Walk in Closet
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