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9 July 2021

Underestimated Areas of Paphos

Polis Chrysochous & Latchi

Location and transport accessibility

Polis Chrysochous and Latchi are located in the extreme west of the island. In the south, they border the Akamas National Park. In the north, along the sea coast, there is a chain of small settlements: Argaka, Ayia Marina, Pomos. Distance from Paphos airport is only 51 km. There are two roads leading from Paphos. One is along the upper ridge of the Akamas Peninsula through Kathikas, Arodes, Akourdalia and Drοusia. The second overcomes the Troodos foothills in Tsada, and then winds along the Chrysochous river through orange orchards.

Development features

Before the events of 1974, Greek and Turkish Cypriots lived in this area quite peacefully. Somewhere there were more Greeks, somewhere Turks. Now only the surviving mosques are reminiscent of that time.

However, all this is already in the past. For almost 30 years, these places have been slowly but surely being mastered by the tourism industry. The hills of Akamas, Drousia and the coast from the "Baths of Aphrodite" to Limni are gradually being built up with hotels, pensions and countless villages of comfortable villas and luxurious residences. Almost all the leading developers of the island have something here.

A characteristic feature of local buildings is its low rise. Only in the central part of Polis, you can find a few 4-5 level hotels and residential complexes.


As follows from the previous description, the village is composed of the locals. During the season, it's also full of summer residents and tourists who populate boarding houses, residential complexes and holiday homes that are mostly empty during the off-season.

A feature of Polis is the large Bulgarian diaspora. Here you can find signs in Bulgarian. There is even a Bulgarian school.

Latchi is populated mainly by foreigners.

The village is noticeably empty from November to March. You can find people in summer only near the harbor. In summer from here, beautiful boats sail to the Blue Lagoon and around the Akamas Peninsula.


It has everything you need for daily life and a comfortable stay by the sea.

Local features include the already mentioned harbor and camping in a eucalyptus grove on the seashore with an excellent sandy beach. The well-equipped Latchi beach attracts holidaymakers here. Besides restaurants and traditional taverns, there are several excellent fish establishments. Near the place of tourist attraction, Baths of Aphrodite, there is a small botanical garden, where a popular circular hiking trail with wonderful views of the protected Akamas begins.


Location and transport accessibility

Argaka is located 3.5 km from Polis or 5 minutes by car. From the Paphos international airport it is only 53 km. Argaka has at least 6 km of sandy and pebble beaches.

Development features

There are no characteristic features of the building here.

The overwhelming majority of houses were built in the last 10-15 years and are distinguished by modern design and engineering solutions. Relative seclusion attracts those wishing to build a "home of their dreams" here, choosing a ready-made project to their liking or ordering an individual one.


Quite international. British, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians.


Several restaurants, bars and supermarkets. For serious shopping, you will have to go to Polis or Paphos. But on the shore, there is a wonderful picnic area, equipped with barbecue areas and a corner for children.

Pomos, Pachyammos & Kato Pyrgos

Location and transport accessibility

This is the real outskirts of the island. The foothills of Troodos begin and sandy beaches alternate with rocks and stone slabs. However, it is a very popular destination for Cypriot and foreign holidaymakers who want to enjoy summer cottage life and take a break from the stressful life in metropolitan areas.

Pomos is located 20 km from Polis. From Paphos International airport is only 73 km and the road will take at least one and a half hours by car.

Getting to Pyrgos is even more difficult.

There is the Turkish Cypriot exclave of Kokkina (Erenköy) on the way. Therefore, you have to go for another 40 minutes around the land, guarded by UN troops, along a serpentine road. In total, this is a 30 km challenging drive. The road eventually ends up at a checkpoint on the "Green Line" separating the territory controlled by the Republic of Cyprus and the north occupied by Turkey.

However, this is not a disadvantage, but perhaps an advantage. After all, you can legally go “abroad” at any time and be in Morphou in half an hour. Or spend an hour on the road to stroll through the ruins of the castle of St. Hilarion, the bastions of the Kyrenia fortress or the streets of North Nicosia.

Development features

The compact historical center of Pachyammos is concentrated around the temple of St. Raphael, the coast and slopes around Pomos and Pachyammos are built up with private residences and guest houses. Wonderful sea views. Lots of greenery.



There is everything you need thus you don't have to drive to Polis often. But once a week or two, it's still better to take a ride to the big store to 'replenish your stocks'. These places have the cleanest and most secluded beaches.

It may be concluded

The neighborhoods of Polis Chrysochous and Latchi are a great place to buy a house by the sea.

Excellent ecology. Impressive views. Warm gentle sea. A calm measured life among people equal to you in terms of income and education. A wonderful place for a summer vacation for you, your children and grandchildren.

Argaka is a prestigious place not far from civilization. At the same time, your privacy will be guaranteed. But, if you are looking for more privacy, you dream to live in nature, and you are not intimidated by the long transfer from the airport, then it makes sense to take a closer look at what can be found on the green slopes near Pomos and Pachyammos.

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