Top 5 Exciting High-Rises in Limassol

ТОП-5 самых лучших высотных комплексов Лимассола
20 December 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Limassol is one of the best places to live in Cyprus. Businesses are thriving, infrastructure is quite developed, people from all over the world live here.

And of course, real estate in Limassol is one of the top-rated on the island. Demand still exceeds supply, even in the luxury housing sector.

Here is a selection of the excellent new buildings in Limassol. Some of them have already been commissioned, while others are under construction. Let's take a closer look and try to decide which of the high-rise complexes is the coolest.

5th place: The Icon Tower Limassol, Germasogeia

This 21-floor high-rise complex is located more than well: in the best area of Germasogeia, a famous suburb of Limassol. Everything is nearby: boutiques and restaurants, private schools and kindergartens, the beach and the sea are just 100 meters away.

As befits an elite complex, it has all the amenities necessary for life:

  1. closed area
  2. two-level parking only for residents
  3. separate storage rooms
  4. 24/7 concierge service
  5. security and video surveillance
  6. cleaning service
  7. service for renting out apartments (the owner can rent out their apartment without finding clients by their own and other nuances - the agent will do everything).

Residents and their guests are greeted by a spacious marble hall with glass interior decoration. In general, the whole complex creates a feeling of lightness and at the same time reliability - and all thanks to the special design.

The Icon's feature is the two floors in the middle of the building. The Water Club is located on the 10th floor: it is an overflow pool (or infinity pool) with an amazing seaview.

Next to the gorgeous pool, there is a green area and a Mediterranean restaurant. And the bar! So residents of The Icon can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with views of the sea at any time.

On the 11th floor, there is a fitness room only for residents. Fitness and Yoga Club offers several training programs - all with maximum comfort and stunning views from panoramic windows.

And on the 4th floor, there is a tennis court for those who find fitness and yoga studios not enough. Residents of the high-rise will not get bored.

However, even if you stop counting the common amenities, The Icon can still be considered one of the first-class complexes because of its apartments. There are 54 apartments in the complex, and each of them has a magnificent view of the sea and the city. The effect is enhanced by panoramic windows and private terraces.

All apartments have an expensive interior (based on marble, glass and upholstered furniture), a built-in smart home system, improved air conditioning systems, high-quality household appliances, including in the kitchen, and of course, a spacious and comfortable layout. One bedroom apartments start at 110 m2 while the largest penthouse is 1013 m2.

So, what are the cool features that allowed The Icon Tower to be included in our TOP-5 (short summary):

  1. swimming pool and fitness room with panoramic views
  2. developed service for renting out apartments
  3. proximity to the sea (100 m) and the city center (5 minutes by car).
More information about the complex and a list of all available properties for rent and sale at The Icon Tower Limassol

4th place: Trilogy Limassol, Neapolis

Trilogy is a complex of three buildings, each with 39 floors. An impressive figure even for Limassol!

However, this is not all that Trilogy surprises with. The first thing that catches your eye is the modern architecture that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. And the landscape is beautiful: it is a blue sea space and a big city in all its glory.

The second is that in the complex you can not only live, but also work. Yes, one of the towers (West Tower) offers 52 offices for sale or rent. Each of the offices has a magnificent sea view, as well as high-quality service: a private lobby with separate elevators (so that residents and businessmen do not interfere with each other), high-speed digital communications, 24-hour concierge service and parking.

Finally, all amenities have been created for the residents of the complex and their guests:

  1. Open space Plaza. This is a large area with restaurants, bars and shops. Residents can always go downstairs, have lunch or dinner outdoors, as well as stroll through the boutiques.
  2. Closed space Oasis. This is a green area that can only be accessed by residents of the Trilogy complex. Hidden among the trees is a swimming pool with a bar, a playground, a tennis court, a gym and equipped recreation areas. All this is set against the backdrop of a magnificent Mediterranean panorama.
  3. Fitness and SPA on the first two floors of each tower. Trilogy residents can always relax inside the complex.

The apartments are not inferior to the common space in terms of comfort. So, each apartment has panoramic windows with breathtaking views of the sea. Private terraces complete the delight.

The layout of the apartments is as comfortable as possible.

The interior is decorated in a lounge style: high quality natural materials were used for decoration. And the furniture is presented by leading designers. All apartments are connected to the "smart home" system. This means that the comfort of living will be maximum.

Finally, as a great advantage, it is worth noting the proximity of the sea: it is enough to walk 20 m to find yourself on one of the cleanest beaches of Limassol.

To summarize, what makes the Trilogy complex one of the best high-rise complexes in the city:

  1. close proximity to the sea
  2. wonderful common space for living and relaxation (Plaza and Oasis)
  3. the presence of offices in the complex itself, which is extremely convenient for businessmen.
More information about the complex and a list of all available properties for rent and sale in Trilogy Limassol

3rd place: Blu Marine Limassol, Limassol Marina

The luxurious location of the complex makes it an appetizing piece for those who are used to living in the very center of the city. The luxurious Blu Marine stands in close proximity to the Limassol Marina, the very heart of the city. The historic quarter, iconic landmarks and the best beaches are nearby.

If the complex was built in such a place, it means that it is really luxurious.

One glance is enough to be sure. The best designers not only from Cyprus, but also from Great Britain worked on the architectural appearance of three buildings (5th, 29th and 33rd floors).

The main emphasis was placed on landscaping and creating a comfortable, clean environment for living and recreation. Less than 10% of the plot has been allocated for development, the rest of the space will be occupied by gardens and walking areas.

Special attention should be paid to the 50-meter outdoor pool - it will also be located in the open air. However, it is not far from the sea: only 50 meters from a well-maintained and clean beach.

Also the common area will have:

  1. gym
  2. elite spa
  3. restaurants and cafes
  4. indoor 25-meter heated pool
  5. lobby
  6. underground parking
  7. playground.

Also at the service of residents is a round-the-clock concierge service, security, cleaning and maintenance of apartments, as well as a department for management and rental of real estate. In other words, life at Blu Marine will be worry-free.

It goes without saying that the apartments in the complex are truly luxurious. Great views not only from living rooms, but from any room. This is the sea, the Marina of Limassol and the city center.

The decoration is made of natural and environmentally friendly materials, kitchen appliances were brought from Germany. All apartments (1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments are available) are equipped with a “smart home” system, improved heating and air conditioning system.

There are also penthouses on the uppermost floors of two high towers. Needless to say, the view from there is just wonderful!

Let's summarize the awesomeness of the Blu Marine complex:

  1. the best location ever possible - the very center of Limassol by the sea
  2. eco-friendly design with a common area immersed in greenery
  3. two swimming pools at any time of the year
  4. amazing interiors and luxury services.
More information about the complex and a list of all available properties for rent and sale in Blu Marine Limassol

2nd place: Del Mar Limassol, Germasogeia

Del Mar Limassol is one of the most significant projects in Cyprus, not just Limassol. A magnificent complex that stands out for its design, solidity and luxury.

Let's start with the exteriors: the complex covers an area of 34 thousand m2, mostly a landscaped area, a real “city within a city” (it will be discussed below). Both buildings look like a single high-rise, reproducing the waveform - an ideal design solution for a seaside residential complex.

Another feature is the Le Plaza Del Mar shopping complex. It includes spacious areas for 21 brand stores, and some luxury companies have already chosen a place for themselves: Christian Dior, Balenciaga and other famous houses.

There are also more than a dozen restaurants and cafes, a wine bar, a lounge area, a cigar salon and other small but extremely pleasant places for relaxation.

And where without an infinity pool of 50 m2. It is located so that residents can swim and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea. But of course, in summer you can walk to the beach, as it is just 20 meters from the complex.

Of course, Del Mar also has all the services of an elite complex:

  1. security, cleaning and property management service
  2. underground and aboveground parking, including parking only for residents
  3. SPA with steam and dry baths
  4. gym.

Now we can go to the apartments. And there is also something to see. The name of Gianfranco Ferre appears in the interior design: it is his style solutions and furniture that are presented in the Del Mar apartments and penthouses.

As for penthouses: there are several of them in the complex at once. Each is named after a gem - no surprise. All of them are distinguished by incredible sophistication and the highest level of comfort:

  1. Opal - one floor 3 bedroom penthouse with extended terrace
  2. Sapphire - two-story 3-bedroom penthouse with extended terrace and private pool
  3. Rubin - two-story 4-bedroom penthouse with extended terrace, garden and private pool
  4. Emerald is a two-story 5-bedroom penthouse with an extended terrace, garden and private pool.

Decorating, air conditioning systems and smart home are not even worth talking about. Everything is done at such a high level that it is better to see all this luxury once.

Let's sum up and find out the degree of coolness of the Del Mar complex:

  1. territory "city within the city" and the Le Plaza shopping center
  2. huge pool with great views
  3. large selection of luxury penthouses
  4. interior design with collections from Gianfranco Ferre
  5. service for rent and hotel maintenance of apartments.
More information about the complex and a list of all available properties for rent and sale in Del Mar Limassol

1st place: Ararat Grand Residences, Parekklisia

Meet the winner! By all parameters of excellence, this complex has overtaken even Del Mar, although the latter was considered the best and most successful in Limassol as well as the whole of Cyprus. What is the secret of Ararat Grand Residences?

There are no secrets, but admiration and surprise how talented architects were able to implement the most modern ideas in such an aesthetic project.

Ararat is also a “city within a city”. But if Del Mar has only its own shopping center, then Ararat went further. Ararat has its own square and even mini streets!

First things first. The design of the building and its surrounding area was developed by the best specialists from the UK. The exterior was designed by Liverpool craftsmen, and the landscape - by London specialists.

We should also say bravo to the project's architects. The building has supply and exhaust ventilation systems as well as air-to-air heat exchange ventilation system! This is something new for Cyprus, but be sure, all developers will one day turn to this technology. The entire building is made of bricks, and the Ararat's cladding is natural travertine and marble.

What does it mean? The apartments will be comfortable at any time of the year! Heat exchange will be as efficient as possible (it will be warm in winter, and cool in summer), residents of Ararat will rarely use air conditioning or a heating system. It's great, at least from an environmental point of view!

In addition to the perfect balance of heat, Ararat boasts powerful sound insulation and maximum comfort in humidity. And this is extremely important in the conditions of coastal life.

Let's climb down to the future city square.

The developer decided to name it piazza, Piazza Armenia (why Armenia? - because Ararat!). The style will be strictly Old European: ladders with balustrades, Venetian lanterns, fountains, antique benches. And all this among the lush greenery and flower beds.

At the piazza, the residents will be able to walk and spend time with benefits.

Here's what the future residents of Ararat Grand Residences will be offering:

  1. sauna and hammam
  2. SPA and massage rooms
  3. beauty salon with cryochamber
  4. artificial cave with a pool inside
  5. cigar lounge and bar, entrance to which is possible only with a club card
  6. cozy courtyards-patios - as an extension of the piazza
  7. an elite restaurant
  8. the largest outdoor pool among all the complexes in Limassol

A little further off there is a parking lot, and it is divided into two parts. The first one is for all visitors of Piazza Armenia, the second one is exclusively for the residents of the complex.

Another novelty is a special estacade for entering by car. Only those who live in Ararat will be able to drive on it.

The building is accessed through the luxurious lobby. From here, residents can go up to their apartments. By the way, there are very few of them - only 16.

The real gem among them is a 6-level penthouse with 8 bedrooms, a private lift and a total area of ​​1082 m2.

The residential area with a winter garden, infinity pool and other amenities is located on five floors. On the sixth floor, there is a cozy open-air terrace with a private garden and seating area.

The rest of the apartment is no less luxurious. The floors are finished with marble and parquet made of valuable varieties of wood, all windows are panoramic, plumbing and household appliances are from elite companies with a worldwide reputation. Of course, there is also the modern “smart home” system.

By the way, several floors in the complex are dedicated to common areas. This is a restaurant "in the garden" on the 5th floor, a large restaurant with panoramic views on the 9th floor, a spa area with a swimming pool, a Roman bath and a bar on the 13th and 14th floors.

Is it worth mentioning that the view from all the apartments, including the penthouse, is just incredible? Sea, elite area, mountains behind. All this creates an atmosphere of freedom, comfort and coziness.

And let's sum up why Ararat took first place in our TOP-5:

  1. the idea of ​​"city within a city", and amazing style of Old Europe
  2. full autonomy for residents - they can get into the complex from a separate road, thus there is no need to intersect with piazza visitors
  3. the latest technology of heating and air exchange, and this is unique for Cyprus
  4. the most prestigious area of ​​Limassol
  5. super-penthouse on 6 levels
  6. huge outdoor pool.
More information about the complex and a list of all available properties for rent and sale in Ararat Grand Residences

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