Top 10 New Skyscrapers On Planet

Топ-10 новых небоскребов планеты
3 January 2022 George Vidiakin

In our time, you will not surprise anyone with skyscrapers. The construction of high-rise buildings has become a symbol of progress, success and wealth for cities and countries.

Therefore, all over the world, skyscrapers are growing now, demonstrating the financial capabilities of customers, the courage and advancement of city authorities, as well as the ability of architects to make "high and beautiful" buildings.

Skyscrapers are no more a rectangular "box" without any decorations (like the Montparnasse Tower in Paris or the Old World Trade Center in New York).

Today, thanks to modern building technologies, the authors of high-rise projects can give a skyscraper any shape, bend and line, making it a pleasure to look at the current high-rise buildings.

We have collected for you the Top 10 most fashionable and stylish skyscrapers on the planet, built in the last 3-4 years.

One Barangaroo Tower (Australia)

Architect: WilkinsonEyre

Year bult: 2020

Look at the building on the right (source)

The tallest building in Sydney (271 meters) and the first winner of the prestigious Emporis Skyscraper Award from the land of kangaroos and platypuses. The jury highly appreciated the "extravagant design of the facade", although we must admit that the word "extravagant" is not very suitable here (examples of unexpected originality of architects are still ahead of us).

The translucent facade of the tower, however, really looks interesting due to the fact that the tower consists of two twisting parts, tapering from the base to the top. The architects were inspired by nature - the shape of the tower refers to three slightly twisted petals growing on a branch, reaching towards the sun.

Tower plan from above (source)

The skyscraper features apartments, offices, restaurants, a casino and a 6-star hotel. The building was named after the area in which it was erected - Barangaru. But the area, which was formerly called East Darling, received its new name in 2007 in honor of a historical character (attention, further are complicated names and family ties): the second wife of an elder of the Eora tribe. The elder's name was Woollarawarre Bennelong. With the arrival of the British in Australia, he served as their translator and became the first native Australian to visit the UK.

Telus Sky (Canada)

Architect: Dialog

Year built: 2020

A source

The third tallest building in the city of Calgary (222.2 m) has a banal name - after the name of the company located in it and specializing in telecommunications. But the appearance of the skyscraper is not at all simple. If you look closely, it is easy to see that it seems to be assembled from giant cubes with windows.

The building repeats a very popular technique in the construction of skyscrapers - it tapers from the base to the center. The high-rise has a rectangular base, but with increasing height, the floor area between floors gradually decreases in size, creating small terraces and balconies. In the evening, the façade is illuminated in full height with an energy-saving lighting system, creating real light shows.

425 Park Avenue (USA)

Architect: Foster + Partners

When we say New York we mean skyscrapers, and when we say skyscrapers we mean New York. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most anticipated high-rise in 2021 should have grown in the Big Apple. The architect was Baron Norman Foster's superstar bureau.

Photo 句 (source)

A wedge-shaped tower (260 meters high) with a steel frame is connected to three ribbed support walls, allowing the creation of three tiers of floors without columns. Each level also has its own landscaped terrace with panoramic views of Manhattan and Central Park. The tower is almost completed, but, contrary to expectations, the contractor did not have time to commission the building by the end of 2021.

Libeskind Tower (Italy)

Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind

Year built: 2020

A source

Office building in the pre-constructivist style. Built in Milan, which gave birth to a silly joke that the city could not come to terms with the laurels of Pisa and gave birth to its own falling skyscraper. LibeskindTower does not actually fall, but bends. Hence its second name - Il Curvo (curved).

The tower is 175 meters high and has 28 floors. Contrary to the obvious assumption that the architect got the idea for the project in the form of a closing bracket, in fact the building is based on the Renaissance concept of a dome, which turns out to be rethought in the form of one of its curves. Today, the tower houses the Milan office of PwC.

Qiantan Center (China)

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Year built: 2020

A 56-storey skyscraper in Shanghai beats classic rectangular shapes in a curious way.

The facade is decorated with false supports that look like an external frame, but at the height of the last floors they intertwine, forming either a whimsical "world tree", or a spider web, or a semblance of translucent cotton fabric, which seems to be wrapped in a high-rise.

Grand Tower (Germany)

Architect: Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie. Architektur

Year built: 2020

A source

The tallest residential building in Germany (51 floors) is located in Frankfurt am Main. It reaches a height of 180 meters. The ribbed skyscraper resembles the skeleton of some wonderful giant animal. The building was under construction with an eye on investors from Asia, North America and Arab countries.

Lakhta Center Tower (Russia)

Architect: Tony Kettle and RMJM

Year built: 2020, finishing work still in progress

A source

The building of Gazprom's headquarters, reaching a height of 462 meters, has become the tallest skyscraper in Russia and Europe and the fifteenth tallest in the world.

The skyscraper is loved by members of the jury of all kinds of architectural competitions (the building has four CTBUHAwards 2021 awards, a victory in the EmporisSkyscraperAward 2019 rating, reaching the final in two more prestigious international competitions), but supporters of the historical panorama of St. Petersburg call it "corn". Two more skyscrapers of the same name are to be built near the Lakhta Center, which will form an ensemble of ultra-modern high-rise buildings on the shores of the Gulf of Finland.

18 Robinson (Singapore)

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Year built: 2019


The shape of the building plays on its location on a triangular section formed by the corner of two busy streets. This 180-meter-high skyscraper could have been an ordinary glazed reinforced concrete structure of the usual shape, if the architects had not come up with an idea to make it more environmentally friendly.

It was decided to cut the volume of the building at the level of the fifth floor, thus dividing the shopping center into a "podium" and an office "floating" tower. A green terrace was made in the place of the "cut". From the outside, it looks like the building is sprouting with trees from the inside. People in Singapore learned how to plant trees on roofs, walls and terraces of high-rise buildings thanks to legislation that prescribes compensation for all green spaces cut down due to construction.

Rosewood Bangkok (Thailand)

Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Year Built: 2018


Two superimposed triangles in the design of this modern hotel in Bangkok resemble a giant sail, stretching 154 meters. The two high-rise structures are connected by a central space, creating an atrium with lush vertical gardens and an impressive inland waterfall reminiscent of Thailand's famous caves. The hotel has 30 floors, the last of which offers a panoramic view of the kingdom's capital.

La Marseillaise (France)

Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Year Built: 2018


This skyscraper in Marseille can clearly take the leading place in the world in terms of the level of astonishment. The 136-meter-high building appears to be splattered with blood from top to bottom. This effect is achieved through the careful use of colors and paint. It is interesting that the architect in the description of the project did not at all put associations with blood splashes (or, at least, did not begin to talk about it):

Towers around the world are too similar to each other. They are often used interchangeably and can exist anywhere. Too rarely do they describe their city. Being smooth parallelepipeds, they sometimes reflect life with their too shiny walls.

Well, Jean Nouvel definitely succeeded in creating a unique and recognizable project. The project is called after the main song of the French Revolution - Marseillaise. At the same time, it reminds of the revolutionary terror and its victims.

Bonus: Westminster Residences (Cyprus)

Developer: CDA Group

The Westminster Residences in Germasogeia, ​​Limassol will be a new addition to the existing and under construction urban high-rises. For example, to the Sky Tower and Limassol Del Mar located within walking distance. In early December, the Cyprus Department of Environment approved the construction of this large residential complex.

A 19-story skyscraper 81 meters high and two five-story buildings will be built just 150 meters from the sea. It will have residential apartments, a gym, a hammam, a sauna, a restaurant, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a barbecue area from 2 to 7 floors. High ceilings, brick walls and only natural materials are just some of the characteristics of the project. On the roof there will be a penthouse with a garden and a swimming pool. Underground parking and storage rooms are provided.

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