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31 August 2022

The best activities to do in Cyprus for outdoor enthusiasts

Do you dream of living in Cyprus and love an active lifestyle? Then this article is for you!

Today you will learn about the most interesting activities that our Mediterranean island offers.

The variety of relief and climatic zones and good weather throughout the year makes Cyprus attractive for lovers of various sports and active pastimes! Just imagine: in the winter months, you can start the morning with a ride on the sea waves on a kite or surf, and in the afternoon go to the snow-capped Troodos mountains to ski or snowboard!

But first things first!

Water sports

You can find both schools and private instructors in a wide variety of water sports on the numerous beaches of Cyprus. Let's talk about each of them. By the way, you can indulge in activities all year round, because the water temperature here ranges from +16 to +27 degrees, depending on the season.

Surfing and kitesurfing

For water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing, good wind and waves are a prerequisite. They can be found in Saint Raphael marina (Limassol), as well as Cape Greco.

But still, the main surf spots are located in Limassol and its suburbs.

So, for example, Paramali is attractive for its solitude and good winds, as well as deep water near the coast. Lady Mile is famous for its clean sand. In summer, the wind here blows quite strong from the west, and the rest of the year from the east. Professionals must pay attention to this location! Curium Beach is mostly sandy, but in some places it is replaced by small pebbles, so special shoes are needed here. The wind here is also quite strong, and the waves can reach four meters.

In the Larnaca area there are also a couple of places with good wind for surfing - spots can be found on Dhekelia, as well as in Pervolia.

Between Paphos and Limassol, there is a school that is great for beginners: you can find it in Pissouri Bay.

Windsurfing is a type of surfing that uses a special board with a sail. A light wind is sufficient for windsurfing. Therefore, almost any resort is suitable for practicing this sport - both the cozy bays of Paphos and the secluded beaches of the resorts of Ayia Napa and Protaras.


In order to master SUP, one workout is usually enough. This sport does not require special physical training. Even a child can master SUP! You can even find yoga classes on saps. By the way, everyone can buy their own SUP - it's not such an expensive pleasure. At the same time, you can easily store SUP and put it in your car.

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But back to the story of water activities.


In many resorts in Cyprus, you can rent kayaks and make an unforgettable trip along the coast. Particularly attractive are the areas of Ayia Napa and Paphos with their expressive rocky shores and grottoes. And sometimes dawn or sunset group swims in kayaks are organized - this is certainly an unforgettable sea trip!


Sailing is very popular in Cyprus, some people call Cyprus “a paradise for yachtsmen”. Yachts from all over Europe are accepted here. There are specially equipped marinas in Limassol and Larnaca. There you can also arrange with the skipper and get an exciting experience in managing a yacht. If you are a professional sailor, you will surely be able to take part in regattas or go on a trip to neighboring countries: Israel, Lebanon, Egypt or the Greek islands.

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Diving and snorkeling

The purest waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the presence of interesting underwater attractions, make Cyprus a very attractive place for diving. At any resort, you can rent diving equipment, as well as take training courses.

Here are the most popular and interesting dive sites:

Green Bay in Protaras is a real underwater museum: at a depth of 12 m you will see ancient statues, fragments of ancient amphorae and other artifacts. This is a great option for beginner divers, suitable for training and the first dive.

It is better to explore the Caves of Cavo Greco, near Ayia Napa, already having diving experience. However, in these places you can find options for different degrees of training, the instructor will help you decide on this.

And finally, Zenobia is a sunken ship that is one of the four most famous underwater objects among divers around the world. The 172-meter cargo ferry sank off the coast of Larnaca in 1980. As a result, about a hundred 40-ton truck-road trains with cargo sank. The ferry is located one and a half kilometers from the coast at a depth of about 40 m.

Such a dive is sure to be remembered and suitable for divers with different levels of experience. But even if you are not an experienced diver, nothing prevents you from swimming with a mask and fins near the shore and getting to know the underwater inhabitants: all kinds of fish and shellfish, sea urchins. And if you're lucky, you can meet an octopus or a large sea turtle. The most interesting location for snorkeling is the Akamas peninsula, located on the northern coast, where various forms of marine life can be found in rocky bays and offshore islets.

The nearest settlement located near the picturesque Akamas reserve is called Neo Chorio. A villa is for sale here, located in one of the most beautiful places on the island. The villa has 5 bedrooms with their own luxurious bathrooms, a spacious living room with a fireplace, a private swimming pool, a large garden, a garage and a rooftop terrace from which it is so convenient to enjoy the spectacle of amazing sunsets. The cost for such a location is very low - the villa will cost less than 1 million euros.

Beach activities

Well, in conclusion, it should be said that such popular tourist activities as water skiing, water scooters, catamarans and hang gliding are also available in all popular resorts in Cyprus. Also, many beaches are equipped with volleyball courts and tennis courts. Some yoga and stretching instructors arrange classes right on the beaches or in parks.


There is a very large community of runners in Cyprus. This is not surprising, since starting the morning with a jog along the coast, inhaling the fresh sea breeze, is a real pleasure. Competitions, marathons and just amateur races are regularly held throughout the island. Often such competitions are organized in old Cypriot villages. All participants are welcomed and treated with traditional delicacies, and the fastest are rewarded with pleasant prizes and gifts. The main thing is to register in advance and make a symbolic participation fee. After that, you will be assigned an individual number, under which you will participate in the race.


There are also orienteering enthusiasts on the island. These are competitions accompanied by a quest. Participants of such competitions should not only come to the finish line first, but also have time to check in at all the locations indicated on the map, guided by the compass. This type of entertainment is only gaining momentum in Cyprus and is waiting for new fans to train not only muscles, but also the brain.


Cyprus has a highly developed system of cycle paths. They are in cities, parks and of course along the coast. In addition, the main flows of vehicles are concentrated on highways. This means that secondary roads are quite suitable for cycling.

Cycling lovers will find trails of different levels of difficulty here: you can move exclusively along the plain, or you can go by bike straight into the mountains, gaining up to 2 thousand meters in height. Such routes are not only interesting, but also very picturesque: on the way you will definitely meet hospitable Cypriot villages, as well as picnic areas where you can always relax, refresh yourself, and in some places replenish your supply of drinking water.


Every city in Cyprus has triathlon clubs. There are also several triathlon camps. Triathlon enthusiasts can take part in competitions that take place on the island regularly. At the same time, in such competitions there is an opportunity to participate both individually and in a team event.

Mountain tourism, hiking

If you like to spend time actively, but without haste, then hiking in Cyprus is just right for you! Collective trips to the mountains are regularly organized on the island, which anyone can join. By the way, this kind of activity is beneficial not only to health, but also to socialization - in such trips you can meet people who are close in interests and make useful and simply pleasant acquaintances. There are a variety of locations and distances to choose from: from trails along the coast, to tracks through deep gorges and mountain trails.

The length of the routes can also be very different - from a few kilometers to 15-20 or even 25. It all depends on your desire and physical fitness. The Department of Forestry of Cyprus has prepared 72 short circular routes, each of which is equipped with information stands with a map of the area and interesting objects of flora and fauna. On the territory of the island there are also many equipped campsites where you can stay overnight in your own or rented tent. Even a small child can easily master some tracks, so this is also a great option for an active day with the whole family!

Alpinism and rock climbing

In the vicinity of Paphos, there are many places with stunning views, picturesque cliffs and unique sites.

With the help of experienced instructors, you can get comprehensive training here: from elementary rope handling skills to more complex climbing techniques in the mountains. And in the Troodos mountains, there is a whole equipped rope park - Adventrure Mountain Park, located near the village of Kyperunta (Limassol). In addition to rope routes and climbing opportunities, you can play paintball in the park and even stay overnight at a local hotel.

Winter sports

Yes, there is such a thing in Cyprus and even its own ski resort! It is located on the highest point of the island - Mount Olympus (1952 meters above sea level). The beginning of the season is difficult to predict - it all depends on the weather. But in January-February there is usually enough snow for skiing and snowboarding. The resort offers 9 slopes of different difficulty levels. There are 4 lifts as well as special areas for instruction and training.

Of course, this is not all the activities that can be found on the island. There is an opportunity to practice both dancing and team sports: football, basketball, volleyball. Tennis is very popular in Cyprus.

The island has excellent golf courses. Just 2 minutes from the new 18-hole golf course, located in the eastern part of Limassol, a new ultra-modern gated complex is being built, offering apartments starting at 266,000 euros. Very good price for one of the most prestigious areas of Limassol - Zakaki. The project is completely new and it will take a couple of years to implement it, but it can turn out to be a very good and profitable investment, and even next door is the largest and only City of Dreams casino resort in Cyprus.

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