Waste sorting in Cyprus

Сортировка мусора на Кипре
11 November 2020 Volga

In general

Have you ever thought about how important garbage problems are all over the world?

The future of the entire planet certainly depends on the solution of environmental problems. And unfortunately, the most important ones are far fr om being solved.

Nevertheless, while scientists and politicians argue, everyone can make a contribution. You can save water and electricity, donate some of your income to environmental projects, and finally sort your waste.

Sorting waste, for example, makes it easier to recycle. Reusing a ton of glass saves as much energy as would be obtained by burning 135 liters of petrol. A ton of paper saves seventeen trees. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to watch TV for an hour.

We are going to tell you about the waste sorting system in Cyprus in this blog.

Cyprus is an island state.

Moreover, the main source of Cyprus income is tourism. Therefore, the problem of waste recycling and disposal is quite actual in Cyprus.

In 2019, the last “old-style” landfills in Vati and Kostiatis were closed. But they opened a waste plant of integrated management systems in Pentakomo and a plastic waste recycling plant in Agios Sylas, which can process one and a half tons of plastic per hour.

And even earlier, in 2005, they established non-profit organization Green Dots of Cyprus, which includes waste plants in Moni and Latsia. This organization is responsible for all sorted waste disposal. It opened many Green Dots branches in Cyprus in 2016 to receive waste fr om the public and then recycle it. 

Municipalities are responsible for collecting waste fr om households in Cyprus, and many have long taken care of bins for separate waste collection. If your house has separate waste containers, you can talk about the possibility of putting them in your same municipalities. For detailed instructions on the process, you can contact Green Dot Cyprus.

In particular.

If your house has separate waste containers, you can see three different colors: brown for paper (except for packaging and napkins) and cardboard, blue - for PMD (plastic bottles, metal cans and packages, juice bags, etc.) and the last is for household waste.

Glass waste container usually looks like a bell. But usually households don't have their own glass waste containers so you need to bring your glass to some other place, for example, to Papantoniou supermarkets.

Please note that tableware, cups and glass shards cannot be thrown to the glass waste bin. On the other hand, the KEO brewery pays 14 cents for one bottle, and if you are not too lazy to bring bottles to the brewery, you can even earn some money.

Separate waste containers can often be found on the street. So if the municipality cannot install containers right now, you can take the sorted waste to the nearest eco container.

You can find out eco containers location, asking your municipal authorities, but it is easier to download the Recycling Cy mobile application (for Android, for IOS and for Windows), which indicates the location of containers, and also provides a lot of useful information about waste disposal in Cyprus in English and Greek.

Finally, you can buy eco bags (except for glass) and leave it next to your regular bins. Green Dot Cyprus and the municipality will have to deal with them.

This is what a plastic bag looks like:

And for paper:

But before you get rid of garbage, you must properly sort it out.

You need to rinse glass bottles and cans as well as remove labels before chucking. The same applies to all kinds of plastic containers and paper. It is also important not to make mistakes when sorting: no plastic or metal should be set into the paper bin, and cardboard boxes should not fall into the container for cans.

Where and how to store garbage at home? Look here:

You need several waste containers.

Or like this:

It is better not to forget about garbage washing, but do it before you set the garbage in the container in order to avoid an unpleasant smell.

In order for the sorted waste to take up less space, packaging, bottles and cans should be crumpled and vented whenever possible.

If you are in doubt which container should be used for a particular piece of waste, you can see the instructions on. A special symbol called a recycling code (a triangle of arrows with a number inside and an alphabetic code under).

More specific cases

Almost anything is accepted for recycling at Green Dots. There you can get rid of old toys, and mercury thermometers, machine oil, and old expired drugs, and many other things that cannot be simply thrown away. But Green Dots are not the only places where you can get rid of this waste.

There are also lots of containers in Cyprus wh ere you can set old but wearable clothes. And some large clothing chains take old clothes for recycling and often offer discount coupons instead. H&M, Intimissimi, Zara and others have similar programs.

Home appliances stores usually take old appliances and sometimes give a discount. Even if the store employees cannot take it away, they give the contacts of the workshops that take the old appliances for disposal. Alternatively, you can contact W.E.E.E. Cyprus, an organization dedicated exclusively to the disposal of electronics and household appliances, or your mukhtar and they can tell you wh ere to find the nearest drop-off point.

What to do with furniture?

If almost impossible to get rid of your furniture and, in general, any bulky waste for free. Such garbage is required to be brought to specialized "Green Dots", wh ere you have to pay for removal and processing.

At Green Dots you can get rid of old batteries and energy-saving and fluorescent lamps. Battery collection containers can be found in supermarkets (Alphamega for example), postal stores, furniture stores (Leroy Merlin, IKEA) and schools. Leroy Merlin and Super Home Center also take light bulbs. In order not to search at random, you can use the Recycling Cy mobile app or contact the AFIS organization responsible for waste recycling.

Some pharmacies (mainly, the branches of large pharmacy chains) take expired drugs. For example, in Limassol, you bring your old medicine drugs to this pharmacy.

In addition, there are several organizations in Cyprus that are ready to take the oil used for cooking, but there are not many such points and it most likely takes a long way to go (Ecofuel, AKTI). Sometimes schools participate in environmental campaigns and take old oil for further transfer to AKTI. Some taverns are ready to do this all year round.

Finally, there are also several certified auto recycling centers. The list can be viewed here. They might even pay for the car. But you will have to deliver your old vehicle to the recycling point.


The Cyprus authorities have recently taken seriously the solution of the garbage problem, but a lot has already been done.

All types of recyclable waste can be given away for recycling without much effort. The country has all the necessary infrastructure for this.

All that you need is to start sorting. If you want to tackle this, but the process seems too complicated, you can start by collecting one type of waste separately, such as paper or glass containers. Already, many municipalities insist on separate waste collection, and the legislation in this area is becoming stricter over time.

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