Cyprus Real Estate Agents Celebrate New Year in Traditional Style

Кипрские агенты недвижимости отметили Новый год в традиционном стиле
15 January 2023 Irina Starinskaia

On Saturday, January 14, real estate agents from all over the island gathered together to celebrate the 2023 New Year's Day and wish each other success and prosperity.

The event took place in the traditional tavern called Captain's Table, in Zygi. The organizer of the meeting was the Cyprus Real Estate Agents` Association.

Over three hundred representatives of the Cyprus real estate market attended the event. Among them were honorary members of the association, the organizing board and heads of leading companies.

The party was opened by the President of the Association Marinos Kineyirou. He made a speech in which he emphasized the achievements and difficulties of the past year and spoke a little about plans for 2023. And at the end, he personally handed each guest a piece of the traditional New Year's pie Vasilopita.

President of the Association Marinos Kineyirou and Owner & Director of DOM Real Estate George Roussou.

In his speech, Kineyirou stressed that in 2022, the council made a number of important decisions on how to solve sensitive issues that have been troubling real estate professionals and their clients for years.

For example, starting from the new year title deeds will include information that a general appraisal of housing is only necessary for tax purposes, but is not a market value. In addition, the head said that the association is actively engaged in the fight against illegal real estate brokers.

At the same time, the head of the association stressed that the events of last year, on the one hand, influenced the increase in demand for housing (especially subsidizing interest rates, a program to attract foreign specialists and an unexpected migration of Russian speakers). On the other hand, in the new year, many factors appeared that could negatively affect the development of the market (inflation increase, the end of the interest rate program, as well as an increase in interest on loans, an increase in raw material prices).

All these questions concern professional agents. And yet, many of them look to the future with optimism. The sphere of real estate and construction, in their opinion, is still an important link in the development of the economy of the island state and many interesting tasks await them ahead.

In the meantime, the organizers have prepared a number of surprises for the members of the association. The winners were determined randomly: they pulled out a piece of paper with the name of the guest.

Many agents came to the party with their families and children. Cypriots appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, when they can talk about life.

Georgia Roussou, Owner & Director at DOM Real Estate, emphasized that the professional agents of Cyprus are like a big friendly family, and such meetings contribute to the exchange of experience and business development in general.

By the way, on January 21 this year, elections will be held for a new head of the association. Perhaps it will be one of the guests of yesterday's event. Well, we will let you know very soon...

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