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20 November 2023

Aglanztia — the green heart of Nicosia

Aglanztia is a suburb of the capital Nicosia, which is situated in the center of the island, in the picturesque Mesaoria Valley between the Troodos Mountain range and the Kyrenia mountains. It is one of the oldest capitals in the world, with a history spanning over four thousand years. Aglanztia is the highest suburb of Nicosia, as most of its area is situated on hills, slopes, and plateaus. Given its specific landscape, beautiful views, including those towards the slopes of the Kyrenia mountains, can be enjoyed from many viewpoints in the area.

Brief history of Aglanztia

The history of Aglanztia has deep roots dating back to ancient times, extending to the distant fourth millennium BCE. In the Middle Ages, there was a settlement in the Aglanztia area that was inhabited at the end of the Frankish period, and its name likely derives from the French family name that owned the entire region. Aglanztia began to take shape as an independent settlement by the late 18th century. Its residents were engaged in agriculture, livestock farming, and stone extraction.

During the Turkish invasion in 1974, Aglanztia not only suffered severe bombardment but also paid a heavy price with the lives of its residents and those who went missing. Since then, 45% of its territory has been under occupation.

The green heart of the capital –parks of Aglanztia

Aglanztia is a municipality with a unique natural environment, covering a total area of 31 sq. km., of which 14 sq. km. are agricultural lands under occupation since 1974. Of the remaining 17 sq. km. of land in free territories, 9 sq. km. host national forest parks, making the municipality one of the greenest areas in Nicosia.

National Park of Athalassa

A unique green area for the entire Nicosia is the National Park of Athalassa, covering an area of 540 hectares, with an additional 300 hectares under the administration of the Forest Department. The park's terrain with its unique landscape, proximity to the city center, walking and jogging trails, bicycle paths, excursion area, cafes, children's playground, and a lake – all these elements attract hundreds of Aglanztia residents and beyond to the unique Park of Athalassa to enjoy fresh air and relax in natural surroundings.

Park of St. George of Athalassa

Park of St. George of Athalassa is part of the main National Park of Athalassa and probably the most accessible place for residents of Nicosia. The lake with aquatic birds, walking trails, children's playground, and a cafe, along with the provision of free Wi-Fi, make the Park a special spot for relaxation and entertainment for children and adults alike.

National Park of Pedagogical Academy

The park is situated between the municipalities of Aglanztia and Nicosia, within two kilometers from the city center. The park serves as a green oasis in this area and is a place for family recreation. It is equipped with pedestrian way, a bike-path, refreshments bar, playground, and parking space.

Spyros Kyprianou Park

Spyros Kyprianou Park is in the junction of Aglantzia Avenue and Academy Avenue. The park features a playground, a basketball court, pétanque court, and refreshments bar. It is also used for events within the framework of the Aglanztia’s Festival, the program Christmas Aglanztia, concerts, etc.

Other Parks

Numerous smaller parks and green areas, 72 in total, make up the unique image of Aglanztia, which rightfully claims the title of the greenest municipality in Cyprus. The municipality aims to maintain this status by preserving and expanding green areas in the capital through organizing tree-planting.

Squares of Aglanztia

Aglantzia combines the old with the new. The old village was successfully restored and renovated, becoming a center for cultural events throughout the year and a meeting place for people of arts and literature. The paved squares of Kyriacos Karaolis and Heroes Square give the municipality an image of a contemporary European city. The traditional taverns in the squares and yards, with authentic Cypriot flavours and appetizers, became a reference point and a focus of food lovers all over the island, and for many tourists visiting capital as well. The small pretty square in the heart of old Aglanztia has become a focal point for jazz music lovers, thanks to the annual Festival of Aglajazz dedicated exclusively to this genre of music.

Cultural Center "To Skali"

The functions of the cultural center (open-air square, amphitheater, "Caves," exhibition area, restaurant, bar, churches of St. George and Virgin Mary, the old Aglanztia cemetery, parking) are scenically spread over the stepped levels of the landscape. Since its opening in 1992, the cultural center has hosted numerous events such as concerts featuring well-known local and international performers, theatrical groups, group exhibitions, conferences, university lectures and much more.

Education establishments

Aglanztia is home to many of Cyprus's major higher education institutions. The University of Cyprus, the country's first public highest education establishment (established in 1990), is located here. The University is situated at the University Campus within the municipal boundaries of Aglanztia, an takes up an area of 1200 hectares.

Additionally, Aglanztia hosts the Cyprus Institute, the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM), the Cyprus Police Academy, and the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM). A significant number of nurseries, primary and high schools, both public and private, are also located in Aglanztia.

Developed infrastructure

In Aglanztia, one can comfortably and with security move around with a bicycle along the avenues of Academy, Kyrenia, CyBC and University. Adding up the bicycle-roads that exist in the Park of Athalassa and the National Park of Pedagogical Academy, Aglantzia maintains bicycle-roads of approximately twenty seven kilometers.

The area is also home to large supermarket chains such as Lidl, Sklavenitis, and Metro, complemented by numerous mini-markets, fruit stands, butcher stores and fish markets. From Aglanztia, it is easy to reach the neighboring Pallouriotissa, where supposedly the most cost-effective supermarket in Cyprus, Athienitis, is located.

Properties in Aglanztia are in high demand for both purchase and rent in the capital. Numerous parks and green areas and a well-developed infrastructure makes it an ideal place for families with children, and the extensive choice of educational establishments allows to select the best option within a convenient proximity. Aglanztia is close to Nicosia's business center and the old town, and the selection of both resale and new properties in the area is constantly growing to suit various preferences.

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