New School of Tourism and Hospitality of Paphos to be Developed by E. Papachristou Architects LLC

Проект новой школы туризма и гостиничного бизнеса Пафоса будет разрабатывать компания E. Papachristou Architects LLC
17 December 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

On Friday, December 17, the Municipality of Paphos signed an agreement with E. Papachristou Architects LLC, which will conduct the research, design and supervision of the construction of the building of the new school of Tourism, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship of Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAC).

At the solemn event in honor of the signing of the contract, the Mayor of Paphos Fedonas Fedonos stressed that this is an important event not only for the city, but also for Cyprus as a whole. He noted that the construction of the tourism school will make a huge contribution to the modernization of the country's hotel and tourism industry. Fedonos also expressed hope for strict compliance by the contractor with the established project implementation schedules.

By the way, the municipality plans to announce a tender for construction in March 2022, and start work in June. It is planned to hand over the facility in July 2023, so that in September the school could accept the first students.

In turn, the architect of the project, Iraklis Papachristou, noted that the school of tourism in Paphos will become a "landmark of the city", since in addition to functionality and a modern design concept, the building will be distinguished by refinement and elegance. He also promised to deliver the project without delay, within the terms stipulated by the contract.

The ceremony was attended by several architects and engineers from the American University of Beirut, local officials, PASYXE representative Thanos Michailidis, Director of the Paphos Tourism Development and Promotion company Nasos Chatzigeorgiou and a professor who arrived in Cyprus to study the school construction plan.

В Пафосе начинается реализация проекта строительства здания новой школы туризма, гостиничного бизнеса и предпринимательства 

Earlier, the municipality of Paphos managed to conclude an agreement with the SODAP wine company, which allocated land for the construction of a dormitory for students of the new school of tourism.

The total area of student campuses is expected to be 3 thousand m2. The implementation of the project will take about 14 months from the start of work.

It is expected that after the construction of the building, it will be able to accommodate about 150 students. In addition to the plot, SODAP agreed to provide a loan of about 4 million euros for the construction of a dormitory, which will later be leased to TEPAK.

In turn, the Municipality of Paphos stressed that it will make every effort to ensure that the project is completed by December 2023, since the school of tourism, hotel business and entrepreneurship is expected to open in the city in the same year.

Fedonas Fedonos, who is making every effort to develop the city, mentioned that Paphos needs to develop a higher education system. He stressed that 52 thousand students are currently studying in the country (about 38 thousand at universities and 13 thousand at colleges), most of which are concentrated in Nicosia and Limassol. According to him, this greatly affects the formation of these cities. The mayor also mentioned that the municipality is now considering the possibility of allocating subsidies to some students of the new faculty.

Finally, Fedonos said that they were planning to open a branch of the American Academy in the city soon. The Municipality of Paphos will provide premises for rent for university students for 5 thousand per year. Thereby giving impetus to the opening of another university in Paphos.

Проект новой школы туризма и гостиничного бизнеса Пафоса будет разрабатывать компания E. Papachristou Architects LLC

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