Cyprus Developers Must Install Hot Water Meters In New Buildings

Кипрских застройщиков обязали устанавливать счетчики горячей воды в новостройках
11 January 2022 Liza Medvetskaya

Regardless of where a person lives in Cyprus – in their own house, or they rent something, they are obliged to pay for utilities. Anyone who has been living on the island for several years knows that this is one of the most expensive items.

In 2022, the Government of Cyprus decided to further encourage citizens to conserve natural resources.

According to the statement of the Energy Service, in new buildings with a central heating source for hot water, it will be necessary to install individual hot water meters for domestic needs.

The Energy Service, as the competent authority for the implementation of the Law on the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Heating and Cooling and the Law on Cogeneration of Electricity and Heating (Law 108 (I) / 2021), recalls that, in accordance with Article 14G (3), individual meters must be installed in new apartment buildings and residential complexes of new multifunctional houses with a central source of hot water supply," the agency stressed.

Кипрских застройщиков обязали устанавливать счетчики горячей воды в новостройках

It is worth noting that in accordance with Article 14H (1) of the Law, meters must have a remote reading function.

By the way, now construction companies are required to install water meters in the required amount, as required by a specific apartment, that is:

  1. to the kitchen and bathroom, if they are not connected by a common water supply pipe
  2. separately for cold and hot water
  3. or a general household appliance.

Before signing the transfer certificate, residents should definitely pay attention to this when inspecting the premises. In the absence of the necessary metering devices, this fact is recorded in the act or in a written notification to the developer, who is obliged to correct the shortcomings. The Commission does not have the right to take into operation housing without water meters and other supplied utilities.

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