Cyprus Included in List of Best Countries to Live and Work

Кипр попал в список лучших стран для жизни и работы
26 October 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

A residence permit or citizenship in a country with a high standard of living opens the way to great comfort. At the same time, the concept of comfort is different for everyone: for some, career prospects are important, for others - loyalty to foreigners.

According to a new study by HSBC Expat Explorer -2021, which was attended by more than 20 thousand people, Cyprus entered the top twenty best countries to live and work.

The island of Aphrodite took the 12th place among 46 countries of the world.

Most expatriates view life on the island positively and expect improvements in their personal financial situation and work-life balance.

The top five included: Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Guernsey.

Cyprus has become the second most attractive country for relocation. Spain came first and Portugal came third.

Кипр попал в список лучших стран для жизни и работы

As you may know, Expat Explorer is HSBC's annual survey of over 20,000 expatriates.

The aim of the study is to examine the lives of those who have moved abroad and to provide an idea of ​​what life is like for an expat.

In the latest survey from 2021, the vast majority of expats in Cyprus (64%) said they are optimistic that life will become more stable and normal again in the next 12 months, despite the global pandemic.

More than half of foreigners also expect an increase in their income and an improved work-life balance. It is noteworthy that many people choose Cyprus for life in order to increase their earnings and move up the career ladder. Some also cited a better quality of life as the main reason they chose to live on the island.

It should be noted that the incentives and focus of the country's government on innovation, infrastructure, quality of life, diversity and inclusiveness make Cyprus also an attractive destination for businesses and professionals.

Кипр попал в список лучших стран для жизни и работы

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