New campaign "Area of ​​the Week on Offer!" by Altamira Real Estate.

Компания Altamira запустила новую грандиозную акцию - "Предложение недели"!
16 August 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Altamira Real Estate launches a new big campaign for the promotion of real estate in areas of Cyprus that are of great investment interest, under the title "Area of the Week on Offer!".

Through which the public will have the opportunity every week to be informed about selected plots of land available for sale at offer prices in a specific area of our island, their special characteristics and development prospects.

This week, as a peer of campaign, Altamira has posted in its website the series of privileged plots of land in the community of Kiti, an area that in the last six months has recorded increased buying interest. 

The initial prices of these plots are reserved, which means that the interested parties are invited to submit bids starting from the listed price, with the property being awarded to the bidder with the highest bid. According to Company sources, only proposals above the listed price will be accepted, while proposals below the listed price will be automatically rejected. 

The Company also points out that the offer will be valid only until Tuesday, August 25, and no extension will be given. 

An area with intense mobility in the real estate market

The renovation and improvement projects that have been implemented in the community of Kiti in terms of highlighting the historical monuments of the community and ensuring its character, as well as the intense investment and business mobility observed in recent years, have given new life to the area. The community, which harmoniously combines the traditional and the modern element, has wonderful beaches and has become a pole of attraction not only for the inhabitants of the province of Larnaca, but also of the rest of Cyprus. 

Undoubtedly, Kiti is an attractive and safe choice for the construction of a permanent or holiday home, which is reflected in the increased interest in acquiring property in the area. Just half an hour from the center of Nicosia and 10 minutes from the city of Larnaca, the community offers easy access to the beautiful beaches, but also the main highways of the area, providing quick and easy access to Larnaca International Airport and neighbouring communities of the province. 

After a significant upgrade, the community of Kiti is gaining impressions, while the interest of Cypriot buyers is focused on investment opportunities in the community. In particular, the upgrade of the area is expected to increase the value of real estate in the long run, allowing investors to maximize their future returns.

Plots in privileged locations, plots of land suitable for plot divisions and large developments, as well as agricultural fields located in land reclamation areas, are offered at prices significantly lower than their estimated market value.

Prices from € 50 000 

As part of the new campaign, Altamira Real Estate has created a special space on its website for the promotion of plots related to residential and agricultural plots and fields in Kiti, which are suitable for individuals and land development entrepreneurs. These properties are available at reserved prices starting from € 50 000 and up to € 429 000. 

Residential plots in areas with strong development

One category that stands out in the context of the new campaign is that of residential plots. Specifically, through the company's website, 7 residential plots are for sale in Kiti, which are available at bargain prices and are ideal for the construction of a holiday or permanent residence. 

In particular, looking for the best opportunities in the category, we identified two plots which stand out for their proximity to amenities and services but also beautiful beaches. The first concerns a plot of 595 m2, which is sold for the reserved price of € 63 000. The plot is located close to the center of the village, but also Pervolia and has very good access to the beach. It has a rectangular shape and is adjacent to the main road Kiti - Pervolia. The second plot has an area of 530 m2, and is for sale at the reserved price of € 82 000. The property is located in a quiet area very close to the community center and the main shopping area of the area, while it has very good access to the highway, and not far from the airport.

Plots of land suitable for large developments

The Company's website also features a significant number of large-scale properties, which are ideal for land development professionals or entrepreneurs interested in investing in large residential or commercial developments. 

Specifically, a residential field is located, with a large area of 4,900 m2, at the reserved price of € 206 000. It is located very close to the main shopping street of the community, where there are shops, supermarkets, schools and restaurants. It also enjoys excellent access to the airport, the tourist area of Pervolia and the city of Larnaca. The property is suitable for plot separation or for single residential development. 

Also, there are two residential fields, suitable for plot separation or for single residential development, each with an area of 6,689 m2, the first is located very close to the community center and the second a few meters from Kiti High School while inside there are premises, which have no value. The pieces are available at the reserved prices of € 280 000 and € 311 000 respectively. 

Another large property that stands out concerns a tourist field, 6,798 m2, in the location "Potamos", about 500 meters from the sea, which is for sale at a reserved price of € 429 000. It has an irregular shape and smooth surface, while it falls into Urban Zone T2e, with a building factor of 20% and the possibility of erecting a three-storey building. Its location and area make it suitable for the construction of a holiday home complex or for a single tourist / commercial development. 

Компания Altamira запустила новую грандиозную акцию

Agricultural land in land reclamation areas

Significant opportunities are also found in agricultural real estate, which are available at very low prices, given their size and prospects. At the same time, they fall into land reclamation zones, and therefore are aware of increased agricultural activity, while benefiting from a better quality road network. 

Specifically, through the Company's website, an agricultural field is for sale, with an area of 3 261 m2, in a land reclamation area, against the reserved price of € 50 000. It has a regular square shape, flat soil morphology and is adjacent to a registered dirt road. It is noteworthy that it is located very close to the center of the village, and specifically just 30 meters from the Residential Zone. 

An agricultural field is located in a land reclamation area, about 900 meters from the center of the community and about 800 meters east of the main road Kiti-Pervolia. The property, which is available at the reserved price of € 93 000, is very privileged as it is corner and is located only 200 meters from the Residential Zone of the community. In addition, for the reserved price of € 65 000, an agricultural field is for sale at a distance of about two kilometres east of the community center and west of the sea. According to the title deed of the property, the plot benefits from a registered perforation. It has an almost rectangular shape, flat soil morphology and is adjacent to a registered dirt road. 

Submission of online offers until Tuesday 25 August.

Source: Economytoday

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