Large Residential Complex To Be Built in Nicosia

В Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплекс
5 August 2021 DOM LiVE
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High-speed rhythm is an inseparable part of modern society. Urban life and problems make us rush towards new opportunities every day. However, there is always a place where each of us aspires. Where there is always tranquility and comfort reigning - this is a beloved home.

Unfortunately, not every complex in Cyprus can boast of serenity and seclusion. But, The Courtyard in Nicosia will be able to satisfy all these needs, since it provides for a closed private territory.

On Thursday, August 5, Green Park Residences submitted a new project called The Courtyard to the Cyprus Department of the Environment.

According to the release, the developer intends to build a large-scale residential complex within the administrative boundaries of the Strovolos municipality in Nicosia, which provides for the construction of five 6-storey buildings with 65 apartments:

  • first house (building A-B) will have 2-bedroom apartments,
  • in the second and third (buildings C and D) - 3-bedroom apartments,
  • in the fourth (building E) - 4-bedroom apartments,
  • in the fifth (building G) - 4-bedroom apartments.

В Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплекс

В Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплекс

The total building area will be 14,335 m2 and the living area will be 10,015 m2.

The project will also provide for the creation of a spacious 5090 m2 underground parking for 98 cars, 5 of which will be allocated for people with disabilities.

The new complex is expected to house about 253 people. For the convenience of the residents of The Courtyard: a landscaped recreation area, a closed adjoining territory and a ban on car traffic inside the complex.

According to the project, controlled access for vehicles and pedestrians will be carried out on the southern side of the development site, from where cars will be directed to the underground parking lot, with the exception of guest cars, for which a small parking lot for 9 cars, including 1 for disabled people, will be equipped.

В Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплексВ Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплекс

The project will be completed in 2 years and its estimated cost is about 15 million euros.

The developer initially intends to build an underground parking lot, then at the same time work will begin on the construction of five apartment buildings.

After completion of work on residential buildings, a road network will be formed and improvement of the territory will begin. The project will be financed from the own funds of a group of investors in conjunction with lending.

It is worth noting that after the implementation of The Courtyard, Green Park Residences plans to develop other similar projects in Cyprus.

В Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплексВ Никосии возведут масштабный жилой комплекс

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