Neighborhoods in ​​Limassol to buy rental property

Good areas of Limassol for buying a rental real estate

Every year thousands of people planning to acquire real estate in Europe choose Cyprus. In particular, housing located in Limassol enjoys a good reputation among foreign investors. Houses in this cozy southern town are perfect both for moving to permanent residence and for renting out. Investors wishing to buy Cyprus property in Limassol can familiarize themselves with our catalog of properties.

Neighborhoods in ​​Limassol to buy rental property

The most promising neighborhoods of the city

Houses and apartments located near the Old Port and the Municipal Park are best suited for daily rentals. This area of ​​Limassol is considered to be central and abounds in architectural landmarks. Tourists who want to admire ancient castles, Turkish baths and other buildings of past centuries stop here for at least one day.

Buyers planning to rent out the housing they have purchased in Limassol for a longer period should pay attention to houses and apartments located in the area near the Debenhams store. This part of the city is characterized by a large number of supermarkets and a well-developed transport infrastructure. In addition, there are not many hotels here, most of which are located in the tourist area. Therefore, local real estate is in high demand among guests who like bus excursions around Limassol and shopping, who stay here for a week or a month.

For investors planning to buy a house in Cyprus closer to the sea coast, the most promising area is Germasogeia, located in the eastern part of Limassol. This part of the city is home to less than 15 thousand people, which makes local real estate attractive to tenants who like a measured holiday on the coastline, immersed in the greenery of subtropical plants. This area will be an excellent option for investors who prefer to buy a house or apartment in Cyprus for the purpose of seasonal living with the prospect of renting out the property in the free months.

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