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How to choose a villa in Cyprus for your vacation

How to choose a villa in Cyprus for your vacation

Cyprus has a wonderful climate, clean beaches, warm sea and beautiful views. All this attracts tourists to the island. As always, the question of ‘where’ arises. Many vacationers like the hotel service, but there are also many who prefer to rent a villa. Cyprus real estate is represented by a wide variety of options. What should be considered when searching?

Villa advantages

The popularity of rental homes is attributed to many factors. For example, a vacationer gets more free space and personal space than in a hotel room. He can feel like a master and even almost a local resident if he comes for a long time. There are practically no restrictions on the daily routine and lifestyle: you can cook your own food, invite guests, plan your leisure time.

When choosing a villa

On our website you will find many housing options, and you can also read reviews of real customers. Here are some points to watch out for.

The first is a suitable area. There are houses of modest size, and there are simply huge ones. The choice depends on whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, as a family or in a large group.

The second factor is price. Much depends on the resort city. For example, relatively inexpensive housing in Ayia Napa during the non-tourist season. If you want to rent an apartment or a villa in Limassol in the summer, then business is flourishing in this city and there are many English-speaking vacationers. Therefore, the rental price here is slightly higher.

Think about the amenities you are looking for. Some villas are equipped with only the necessary set of equipment and furniture, while others are created for the honeymoon: there is a jacuzzi in the bathroom, and a canopy rises above the bed. A lone traveler may not need a spacious kitchen, but a family with small children will need a highchair and a separate bedroom. Do you really need a private pool or is it too much? Consider these points when choosing your place.

It is also worth considering the location of the house. Will it be a detached housing on the seashore or a villa on a crowded street? Consider the area's infrastructure and your preferences for entertainment and privacy.

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