Apartment or villa: what to buy for rental in Cyprus?

Criteria for choosing a rental property to buy in Cyprus

Cyprus real estate is becoming increasingly popular in the eyes of foreign buyers. In particular, local housing attracts investors from other countries. People who want to buy an apartment or villa in Cyprus in Limassol can check out our real estate catalog.

Criteria for choosing a type of real estate

The subtropical island is famous for its abundance of architectural attractions. If the real estate is purchased in an area with many ancient masterpieces of architecture, it is better to choose the apartments. It can be rented with good profit by tourists who stay in the city for a day or two to admire the ancient mosques, fortresses and Turkish baths.

In favor of apartments, it is also worth choosing investors planning to purchase real estate in areas where there are many shops, cafés, and entertainment venues. In such a part of the city, it is advantageous to rent compact real estate for tourists, whose main goal is entertainment, shopping and familiarization with local cuisine within a couple of weeks.

If you are planning to buy a property on a sparsely populated sea coast, it should be preferred the villas. Such real estate is traditionally in high demand among tenants, preferring to spend long vacations and relax with their families in a picturesque area.

If you want to buy a property in the tourist area, where there are many hotels, the villa is the best choice too. The owner will be able to count on stable demand from tenants who prefer more spacious and secluded apartments to hotel rooms. Having decided on the choice between a villa and an apartment, those who wish to buy property in Cyprus can choose the best option among the real estates that are for sale by our company.

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